Monday, 16 June 2014

Bite-sized memoir - childhood illnesses

The 'Bite Sized Memoir' blog hop was started by Lisa Reiter; please read her original post HERE, and feel free to take part!

In brief, Lisa gives a different topic every week, and you are invited to write either 10 x 'I remember' statements, or a 150 word piece of prose or poem.  You then post your article on Lisa's comments (NOT mine, I'm just partaking!), she very kindly posts it on Twitter - and you can read other people's!

Here are my 10 memories about childhood illnesses:

1.  Daring to peep into my little brother's bedroom and being highly amused that he had a huge moon face - mumps!

2.  Daddy not being allowed to go near my brother, because he'd never had mumps - and you know what happens to adult men who get it....!

3.  Mum covering my itchy chicken pox back with calamine lotion.

4.  ..... crying because they itched so much!

5.  How the illnesses would always start when you were really looking forward to something you would have to MISS - like going to a pantomime.

6.  That lovely moment when Mummy said "I think you'd better stay off school"

7.  The wonderful dreamy time-out-of-the-real-world bit when I was ill enough not to have to get up/go to school, but well enough to enjoy reading in bed all day.

8.  Minadex.  Bright green, horrible medicine.

9.  Craving ice cream, or tomato soup - and getting it!

10.  Feeling a bit deflated when it was all over.....

I have not included anything to do with being sick, as I find the subject of vomit loathsome!  Please tune into Lisa's blog each Friday, as she gives some great subjects to write about....


  1. Sorry mine was all a bit pukey, then! Thank you so much for finding time to take part and also for introducing my project to your blog readers.

    I'm off to google 'minadex' now - a new one on me and then perhaps find the name of that pink stuff I had once - for worms!

    Lisa x

    1. Oh good, you've got it! Yes, I've just got this thing about sick....!!! I'll continue to take part in this as I think it's great fun; sorry I did it in a bit of a hurry, but I tend to veer towards the 'short and humorous' rather than the 'long and meaningful', though!

  2. What fun! These must all have been very small Terry memories - I mean you were small, not the memories. Those of course are huge!! They're about all we have left of our real childhood, aren't they?

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, it was hard to actually think of ten - I don't have very distinct memories of 'little me'!

  3. I know what you mean about always getting sick just in time to miss something you were looking forward to. And the delight of having the day in bed to read! How glorious. A little temp never stopped any reader!

    1. Norah, even now I kinda hope to get a bit of flu in the winter. Enforced reading time and no appetite - works for me!!!

  4. yes things always happened when you were looking forward to something.