Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Top Ten Blog Posts

This week, my blog got its 100,000th view!  I know there are hundreds of blogs that get a hundred times that, but I'm pleased with it, I thought it was a good time to do a rundown of my most popular posts since I started it, in March 2012.  

I never meant to start a blog, but I sometimes used to write articles to post on Facebook ~ people kept saying that writers need blogs, so I started off by just copy-and-pasting the Facebook ones, then thinking, what now?

Since then, I've realised what an excellent thing a blog is.  Often little ideas pop into my head about something that would be amusing to do; I used to just do them anyway, as word docs, and send them to friends; they'd have an audience of about ten...

Here they are, then, in reverse order!

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10.  On the nostalgia theme at number 10 - in July 2013 I wrote a post about the cosmetics of my youth.  So many people identified with this; 1162 read it.   See Black nail polish, Charlie perfume....

9  Creeping in at number 9,  will you be joining the 1189 who wanted to know which is.... the grammatical error that even the most intelligent people make???

8.  Next, one from a blog tour started by a couple of British writers in 2013.  With 1277 views, here's my contribution, in February of that year to A VERY BRITISH BLOG TOUR

7.  At number 7, here's a post I wrote in June 2013 about my Twitter zodiac!  1504 people found out their Twitter 'sign' in THE TWITTERSCOPE!!!

6.  This is my absolute favourite of all my posts, ever!  It's actually three different ones, all on the same theme; links to the two others are provided at the beginning of this one.  I was doing the ironing one morning and thinking how amusing it would be to see people like JK Rowling, Jackie Collins and the woman who wrote 50 Shades trying to get their books known on Twitter.  Then I thought about Kerouac, Jerome K Jerome, Bill Shakespeare.... here's the result!  Total of 2292 views, written in summer 2013

See If the literary greats were self-published....

5. Into the top 5, and a post I wrote in October 2012 that's been passed around a great deal ~ Twitter tips!  It's fairly out of date now, and I'd definitely revise some of the strategies if I wrote it again; for instance, I've changed my mind about doing loads of retweets all the time, and would not advise anyone to do as I used to do, ie 2 sessions of 100 a day!!!   Like many noobs (I'd only been at it for a year), I thought it was mostly about getting retweeted.  But there's still some good stuff in the post.  2459 views - hope it helped some of them!

See Twitter Tips for Beginners

4.  At number 4, a guest post!  In April 2013 Julia explained why you need a proofreader.... it's a good one, written when she was just starting up on her own.  Since then she has gained a reputation for being one of the best, and speaking out against the 'cowboys' who waste writers' money by not doing their job properly. 3154 views.

See  Why do you need a proofreader?

3.  WHY has this one had so many views?  Don't get it.  3237 of them since March 2013.  I imagine it might be because these blog award things are a chain, and get views via other blogs.  Oh well, it shows they work, anyway! See my contribution to The Liebster Blog Award

2.  This one is still being passed around now ~ since May 2013, 3492 people have wondering....
How do you mend a broken heart?  

1.  ....and here it is.....the winner!  Since October 2012, no less than 5602 people have wanted to know some.....

Thus, I can safely conclude that my average blog reader is an intelligent woman of a certain age, who reads a lot, is maybe a writer too, uses Twitter, still believes in true love but is a bit cynical about relationships...  oh yeah, that's me, isn't it??!!


  1. Oh, my...So many goodies here! What a fun idea to check out your Top 10 posts. As for describing your ideal reader, she sounds a lot like me!

    ~Tui, popping by from #WWWblogs on Twitter to say hi! :D

    1. ...yes, Tui - and that's why you're reading my blog, ha ha!!!! Greetings, and thank you for reading :)

  2. Love it! What a great way to share the best of the best and congrats on the 100,000 hits.

    1. Thank you, Shelley! Shame that a few of my favourites just missed out - maybe I should have done a top 20!

  3. Brilliant, TT! Really enjoyed going through these. Congratulations on the 100,000. I've given myself a personal (fun) goal of reaching it by Christmas. Don't know if I will, but I'm giving it a shot! On 91,000 now :-)

    1. I am sure you willl get there - just do Monday Blogs and wwwblogs!!!! Meant to say, when you said that you weren't surprised re the article about proofreading, but more so about the two top posts being about relationships ... I was really pleased, because it's a good indication that the blog isn't just being read by fellow writers (that's what the UK Arts Directory one is for). I imagine those posts might have been passed around a bit... I try to keep this one as non-writing as possible, though I can't resist articles about Twitter!!!!

  4. Woot woot on 100,000 hits! I'm blown away to have hit 50,000, so I can imagine how I'll feel at 100,000.

    Great top 10 list! I'll be back to check a few others out later!

    1. Many thanks, Carrie, and on yours too! I remember when I got to 20K I thought it was something amazing, and then people told me they'd got so many more!!! But when you think about it, it's still pretty amazing, isn't it??? We rock!!!

      Thanks xx

  5. You get 100K when you write quality stuff. These posts definitely fit the bill. Congrats Terry!

    1. Many thanks indeed, Greg - that's such a compliment coming from one of my favourite bloggers, and has just made my afternoon!