Monday, 23 November 2015

Voting Now Closed ~ Awaiting Results :) The Rosie Amber Review Team Awards


Results will be announced on December 15th.  

Well known UK book blogger Rosie Amber wants to give out some virtual gold and silver roses!
See details below

The books ~ how they were chosen

For anyone who doesn't know, Rosie runs a very popular book blog with many interesting features, and has a reviewing team of 25-30 readers.  Obviously the nominations are taken only from those that have been submitted to Rosie and the team for reviewing, so it is not a far reaching selection, though we still had a few hundred to choose from.  Rosie divided all the books that have been submitted in 2015 into five general categories, and the review team members (around 30 of us) each nominated up to three out of each category.  Please see below the six in each category with the most nominations ~ these are the books that you, the reading public, may vote forYou may vote for up to two per category.

Please only vote for a book that you believe deserves an award.  We value everyone's contribution and you are not required to vote in each category; it may be that you will vote for just one book if there is only one that you a) have read and b) deem worthy of the accolade of the Golden or Silver Rose!  

Obviously, authors are asked not to vote for their own books.

These are the books available for your votes on November 30th.  These are the ones that received most nominations from the members of Rosie Amber's Review Team.
(please note, some of the reviewing team are writers, too.  We were only allowed to nominate ONE book by a team member)

Historical Fiction
An Unlamented Death by William Savage
Two Rivers by Zoe Saadia
Danger at Thatcham Hall by Frances Evesham
The Black Hours by Alison Williams
Owen by Tony Riches
The Doctor's Daughter by Vanessa Matthews

Romance/Chick Lit
Holding Back by Helen Pollard
French Kissing by Lynne Shelby
Playing House by Donna Brown
The New Mrs D by Heather Hill
The Promise Of Provence by Patricia Sands
Lovers By Midnight by Emily Arden

Contemporary Fiction
The Cunning Woman's Cup by Sue Hewitt
Last Child by Terry Tyler
The Night Porter by Mark Barry
Public Battles, Private Wars, by Laura Wilkinson
The Song of the Cypress by Tonia Parronchi
Jack Gets His Man by Dena Haggerty

Mystery/ Thriller/Crime
Concealment by Rose Edmunds
Any Man Joe by Robert Leigh
The Jack Lockwood Diaries by Geoffrey West
Death in a Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger
Rise Of The Enemy by Rob Sinclair
A Deadly Learning by Faith Mortimer

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic/Horror
The American Policeman by John Privilege
The Sickness by Dylan J Morgan
Will O' The Wisp by C.S Boyack
One Way Fare by Barb Taub
Fallen on Good Times by Rewan Tremethick
The Viper and the Urchin by Celine Jeanjean

See you on the 30th! 


  1. Sounds great to me! Good luck to everyone:)

    1. It's good when you see some of the ones you nominated there, isn't it, Luccia? :)

  2. I don't know them all, but am keen to vote for the ones I do and have loved!

    1. No, we didn't think anyone would know them all!!!!! Thanks, Val - I'll make sure I send you the link when Rosie puts the poll on her blog xxx

  3. Lovely, how exciting to actually be in there, thanks very much everyone, and Rosie in particular. I'll vote away for the other categories then

    1. Don't forget, only if you've read the books and feel they are worthy of an award, Geoff!!!!!!!!!!!!! No voting for people just because they're your mates!!!!!

    2. Oh yes, of course Terry. Though it is tempting to vote for people you like, integrity has to come first.

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