Sunday 1 November 2015

Walkthrough - How I beat Parasite on Mega Brutal - Plague Inc

For Plague Inc addicts only (ie, nothing to do with the usual stuff on my blog!)

I've beat Parasite on Mega Brutal three times using this route, twice with loads of room to spare!

Android only, on my tablet - I don't know if it works on Xbox One or any other device.  (Note: April 16: someone has just told me that it works on iPhone too, though they had to get Coma and Paralysis at the end to stop the cure getting to 100%).

For other walkthroughs, click PLAGUE INC MEGA BRUTAL WALKTHROUGHS at the end of this blog post.

Modify with these genes:

DNA Genes: Cytochrome Surge

Travel GenesTeracyte

Evolution Genes: Patho-Stasis

Mutation Genes: Genetic Mimic

Environment Genes: Xerophile

Start the plague in Egypt.

Get Symbiosis 1

I've found that the trick with Parasite is to get it spread round fast, before you do anything else....

.... so get Air 1 and 2, and Water 1 and 2 first.

Next, get Drug Resistance (DR) 1, because it might already be in countries with good medical facilities.

Then get Symbiosis 2

If you get any random symptoms mutating, devolve them immediately, so as not to draw attention to the plague.


DR 2

Cold Resistance (CR) 1

Symbiosis 3

CR 2

Around now there should be signs of the cure being about to start - the notification that the plague is more infectious than HIV is the sign that this is about to happen.

You need to make sure you have 7 points in the bank for Genetic Hardening (GH) 1 for when this happens - get it AS SOON AS some country starts looking into it!

Evolve Coughing and Pneumonia.

Now that it's been discovered, if any other symptoms mutate of their own accord, you might as well leave them, but have a look first to see if devolving them will give you a point back.

You should get GH 2 as quickly as you can; both GH slow the cure pace down A LOT.

Now it's just a matter of waiting until the whole world is infected.

Do not slow the cure with any Genetic Reshuffles (GRes) until it is over 60%.  It goes back by a larger percentage if you wait until then, but sometimes only by 1% if you do it too early.  Also, you will need your points to kill everyone!

One time, it mutated Pulmonary Fibrosis of its own accord; if it doesn't, you should get this now.

Do not be tempted by Total Organ Failure (TOF) until the whole world is infected, as it kills them off very quickly and will leave no-one to infect the healthy.

As soon as the whole world is infected, devolve Air 1 and 2, then CR 1 and 2.  This will give you 6 DNA points back.

The last time I played using this method, the cure was only at 18% by the time the whole world was infected, and I had 50% DNA points - I only needed 9 more for TOF!

Get TOF as soon as you can.  

This is what happened to me next:

After TOF started killing everyone, I got enough points for GRes 1 when the cure was at 61%, and it took it back to 57%. 

After that, the DNA points were coming so thick and fast that getting GRes 2 and 3 was easy.  When I killed off the whole world, the cure was only at 68%.  Finished on 11960 points.

I've played it a couple of times using this method and got beaten; it all depends which countries get infected when.   Try it a few times!


  1. Worked first time for parasite on mega brutal! after trying other methods dozens of times, Thank You.

  2. It failed, horribly.

    1. Oh dear, sorry! But see the comment above - maybe try it again?

  3. Do u have walkthrough for the other diseases? This one worked first try for me. :)

    1. Oh good! - yes, if you click on PLAGUE INC MEGA BRUTAL WALKTHROUGHS tag at the bottom of the post (above the comments), you will see them all, or there are some up the side of the post. I've done Prion, Fungus, Black Death, Nano Virus and I think Bacteria too :) Glad it helped!

  4. Just thought i would let you know that it works on the iPhone/iOS version.
    I had to get coma and paralysis after TOF to stop the cure from getting to 100% at the end, but it worked.

    1. Oh nice one, thanks for letting me know! (And good old Coma and Paralysis, eh?!). I'll amend the post to say that it works on iPhone :)

  5. great guide, thanks for taking the time Terry :)
    better than Icy Spicy or whatever it's called

  6. Workers for me first attempt thanks for a grest guide. It works on ps4 also.

    1. Oh great, cheers, Leo! :) Ta for letting me know re PS4

  7. failed 3 times only had 80% give or take of world infected on pc version ran out of DNA so couldnt get any genetic reshuffles :/

    1. Its harder on IOS. I used this method and before i infected 50 million people they discovered the parasite and it only took them 90 days to get the cure. I had all genetic reshuffles and drug resistant abilities active.

    2. Yeah, I know it is different on different devices, sadly!

  8. Discovered me before I could do Symbiosis 2, got cures because of inure and Orfan Failure cost rose to 65

  9. I think with all of these, Anon and Callum, it works if you try it a few times, because it all depends on what order the countries get infected, which is completely random. I don't put it on until it's worked a few times, tho! Ta for commenting.

  10. I won on my third/fourth try, thx for the guide!I did everything the guide said, including devolving for the six points, and even gain 7 extra points to re-evolve cold resistance 1 lol.
    My end game screen:


    DNA Sequence: Standard
    Difficulty: Mega Brutal
    Disease Type: Parasite
    Time: 1124 days
    Cure Progress: 89% complete
    Score Total: 6380
    *three biohazards*

  11. Failed at first attempt, and then it worked on the second. I was using Android and I couldn't believe this still worked at 2018. The cure stopped around 80%. Thanks a lot for the guide

  12. i used 2 different source of strategy (once each), and it ended up failure. but this one, i finally able to win this blogspot

  13. This worked just great. First try. Nice, clear guides, well done!

  14. Worked Like A Charm First Try

  15. Is there a way to beat it without those genes specified? (as I don’t have them)
    The guide seems great though

    1. Ella, sorry - as you may notice I actually wrote these guides 6 years ago, so it's a while since I played it. I think it's best to unlock all the genes first though.