Monday 29 August 2022

The Isle of Arran #2


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(explaining what I was doing there, etc!)

Arran: Part 2

Wednesday late afternoon - I was about to get dinner ready (we took turns) when I saw the view from the window and had to squeeze in a short beach walk :)


Judith, Georgia and I spent one afternoon driving the circumference of the island.  Georgia said she would stop whenever we wanted to explore/take photos.  I kept having to stop myself saying 'Here!  Stop here!' or we'd still be driving round there now.

This is where old Coronation Street characters go to retire 
(I'm sure I saw Mike Baldwin jogging past....)


Lochranza Castle

The Twelve Apostles, Catacol
Each of these twelve fishermen's cottages had a different upper window so that when the men were at sea, their wives could light a candle in the window and each man would know which house was signalling.

At Brodick Castle.

Georgia's face: 'You'd better not be taking a photo of me...'


I love this photo of Georgia and Darlene, and I've never known anyone wear pillar box red as successfully as Darlene :)

This majestic gentleman refused point blank to pose for photos.

I can't help wondering if when Georgia and Judith said, 'It looks great, buy it' about this hat, they were actually pulling my leg... 
...probably not best worn with multicoloured leggings...

Part 3 HERE


  1. Love Brodick Castle, love the fishermen's cottages, take it from me that the hat is great, Terry, it's just right for you. And Darlene can certainly wear red.

    1. Not as evident in the photo, but she is very tanned (lives in Alicante), and wears lipstick in the same colour - looks great!

    2. Indeed she does!! A wonderful day, with many thanks to Georgia Rose for her driving and her patience. And so missing the peace and quiet of the writing time.

    3. Ah, Judith, perhaps you would like to join the CFAWTBABLTHALFHPDTWU Society. It stands for the Campain For All Writers To Be Able, By Law, To Have At Least Four Hours Per Day To Write Uninterrupted :D

  2. Replies
    1. I think Georgia must have grown fed up with hearing me say 'Oh Wow look at that' from the back seat....!!

    2. Hahaha - but we stopped - and "wow!" was right!!

    3. I love that hat. It was made for you. More fab photos.

    4. Now that summer is all but over, I am looking forward to it being cold enough to wear it!!