Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Two Brief Moans.....

Added Sugar

It's everywhere, isn't it?  The other day I was looking at a small carton of supposedly 'healthy eating' beetroot and carrot salad in a supermarket.  On studying it carefully, I found that it contained nearly 300 calories.  How the hell did they manage to get 300 calories into a beetroot and carrot salad?  Of course, the sugar....  it was the same when I looked at many of the fruit juices.  You might as well eat a banana and a kiwi fruit and have a tablespoonful of sugar; at least you'd be getting the fibre from the fruit itself.  And don't get me started on the 'Innocent' smoothie range - you feel as if your teeth are falling out on the first mouthful....

It's a bit like the phrase 'all natural' - yeah, and so are cancerous growths.  Or that 'one of your 5-a-day' rubbish - I watched a documentary on this a while back and there's no legislation governing this claim at all - anyone can put it on anything, even if all it's got in it are a few over processed bits of spud.  

The Perfect Gift

Since about January 25th, everything was being flogged as 'the perfect gift for Valentine's Day'.  My husband had emails from Amazon trying to sell him everything from books to electrical items to garden tools, under the guise that they were just what she or he needed for that day that used to be about secret admirers declaring their love. Now it's the end of February, everything is 'the perfect gift for Mothers' Day' - cue ghastly compilation CDs by sundry crooners that will end up in record shops' bargain bins.  Next it will be Easter, then Fathers' Day, then they get a bit stuck, until Hallowe'en, I suppose.  

I'm thinking of buying a van load of umbrellas wholesale and flogging them as 'the perfect gift for St Swithin's Day'.  US readers, you'll have to look it up!


  1. Amazing, the amount of sugar in food!!! Husband is type 2 diabetic, so am always checking the ingredients. Found it in: sausages, steak pie, pizza. Unbelievable. No wonder we have an obesity crisis. Sugar industry doing well though...

  2. Haha! I love this!

    My hubby and I are on weight watchers, he bought a prawn salad that worked out at 8 points (Which is A LOT!) I told him we could have had steak, jacket potato and veggies for less than that!!
    The 5-a-day thing is also poop! In fact, to be really healthy we should eat more than 5! One day I counted and I'd had 14, so no worries there! hehe

    I have a moan, if I may? SLS... sodium laureth sulphate... in washing up liquid, washing powder, dishwasher tablets and.... shower gel and facewash!! Wasn't it invented as an engine oil remover? Do I really want to put that on my face and body?
    These companies really suck! (And now apparently we're all eating horsemeat, which is supposedly better for us that beef! I'm off to be a hippy vegetarian!) xxx

  3. Glad to see other people get as cross about this crap as I do! The worst of the lot, of course, is aspartame. You know, that stuff they put in 'diet' everything - it causes brain cancer. Also, the liver can't process it properly, causing stuff with it in to be stored as fat (look, I have read up on this properly, okay, but I can't remember the scientific facts about it properly right now!!!)

  4. Doesn't matter what you eat nowadays, it's bad for (she says tucking onto a Krispy Kreme lemon meringue donut.) I read somewhere that undertakers don't need to use embalming fluid anymore. Our bodies are so full of the preservatives that are used in foods, it's taking longer for us to decompose. Of course, it could just be that I'm very gullible.

    As for all the 'perfect gift' ads.....I HATE them. Which mother in their right mind wants bloody Oil of Olay for Mother's Day? When have you ever been glad of kitchen utensils as a surprise present? It's different if you've asked for them but a big no-no if you haven't!