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Review: HOW IT'S GOTTA BE. S8:8 #TWD mid-season finale #TheWalkingDead

Time For After 
The King, The Widow and Rick

Hmm... I have to admit to being slightly disappointed that there was not a little more resolution!  I knew Negan wasn't going to get killed, but couldn't we have had just a little glimmer of hope?  Nope, it's the end of S4 and mid-season S6 all over again, when all seems lost ~ still, maybe Carol will save the day, like before... πŸ˜‰
Looks like Michonne was hoping for a bit more resolution, too

What a shock, though!!!  The best bit of the whole episode was the end... not because I want Carl to die, I don't, because he's Rick's main reason for everything he does, but because it was so well done, and so unexpected.  As soon as Richonne walked towards him in the sewer, I thought, 'hang on, is it just me, or does he look sort of ill?'  Oh, but to go out via Walker bite, after all this time... hope it pleases those who complain that it's all about gunfights now: we're reminded that the Walkers are every bit as deadly as they've ever been.  That last shot, as the camera panned back... so good.

"You're going to live, Dad," said Carl earlier, as they walked along (flashback ep 1) with The Can.  Carl's been getting more profound over the last few episodes, though, so we should have known; in TWD world, saying a load of deep stuff or having some really ace lines often means you're about to snuff it.  

....or might he be the first person to be immune?  Hmm.  Oh, and nice touch, directors, having Daryl sitting in the sewer with his arm around the totally gorgeous Li'l Ass Kicker.  Daryl + kids = total winner every time.

 Never not a good time for this one....

Couldn't find a new pic of Daryl with her, so here's Judith with Step-Mom, instead.

Back to the fight, and we find out that wine-slurpin', pickle-eatin' toad Eugene facilitated the Negans' exodus from the Sanctuary.  Yet as he lies abed, guilt overcomes him.  Probably remembering the good ol' days when he used to spy on Abraham and Rosita shagging, and get to sit and cry when the bad people came, while other people did his fighting for him.  So he gives Dr 'erb Carson and Sweaty Gabriel a way out...

 Eugene in the library self-help section, watching Abraham and Rosita 'at it'.

The Good Old Days

So, who else thought that Simon's gang had killed Jerry?  I did.  But no, the shot was for some bloke called Neil who I'd never noticed before, and hurrah for that clever li'l cupcake Maggie who gets back at them by puttin' on a show ~ and killing one of the Saviours in the Hilltop pen.  She walks away crying, but don't worry, Maggie; Hershel and Glenn would have been proud of you.  Never mind Big Girl's Blouse Jesus, sitting there pondering with a heavenly light on his face, during one of the 'let's have a quick look at everyone's facial expressions' interludes.

Reluctant Saviour Gavin reluctantly tries to take control of the Kingdom; unlike when Negan professes his love for Carl and Daryl, you believe that Gavin really did like Ezekiel on those days when they'd pick up the Walker-fed pigs.  Ezekiel ends his mammoth sulk and somehow manages to get all the Kingdom-ites one side of the gate while he is on the other with the Gavster and his men; I couldn't quite see how he did it, not least of all because the whole episode was so damn dark, but Carol looked a bit concerned.  Fear not, Morgan is outside, minus his stick!

Carol, a bit concerned.  Come on, girl, do your stuff.  You can save them all.  Again.

And so Alexandria burns.  Sorry, Deanna, it never did become a thriving community with commerce and all those pie-in-the-sky ideas, but who knows?  Still, a shame about all those solar panels (Negan was a bit gutted about them, too), and those eco-loos and that running water, and... ah well.  Maybe our gang can have Barrington House, when it's all over.

....but will Dwight be with them?  He should be.  I'm sure he's saved more than he's killed now, and best of all.... Daryl's got his waistcoat back! πŸŽ‰πŸŽΊ Hurrah!πŸŽΊπŸŽ‰  All he needs to do now is get his hair a little professional trim, maybe have a few layers cut in, and he'll look as hot as he did in Season 4, once again!  

So what's to come?  Do not forget the little light of hope that is the lovely Aaron, and Enid (I can never look at without remembering her eating that turtle), who have taken the Oceansiders some whisky in the hope that some of them will get pissed enough to come and fight with them, or something.  Mind you, it wasn't a very smart move to gun down the grandmother of the key fighter.  We shall see.  Go Aaron.  Show Eric he didn't become a Walker in vain.

I mean, she could have taken the shell off, and cut it up a bit first...

To sum up ~ plenty of action, but please can we have a little bit of resolution soon?  And now we have to wait for months.... though I am sure it will be worth waiting for!  And although some of the players are, sadly, no longer with us, and perhaps we will lose a couple more, maybe one day it really will be something like this...for a while, anyway.😌



For serious obsessives only: I've read several articles that claim it's only two years since the zombie outbreak, in TWD time.  Judith is proof that it's longer; further explanation follows.

Lori did not get pregnant until possibly a month after the outbreak, so Judith was born 10 months after.  She has got to be at least two and a half, I'd say, judging by how she looks.  Thus, we're around 3 and a half years in. 
1st summer: Outbreak.
1st winter/spring: After the farm, when they were on the run, between S2 & S3; in S3, Andrea mentions having spent 8 months in the woods with Michonne.
2nd summer: At the prison/Woodbury: S3
2nd winter: A whole winter/spring between S3 and S4, during which time they grew a whole load of food, built barns, etc, took in loads of new people, etc.
3rd summer: Fall of prison after return of Governor
3rd winter: On the road/Terminus, before Alexandria.  When Rick, Michonne and Carl are attacked by the Claimed gang, it's clearly autumn/winter.
4th Spring/summer: At Alexandria.
4th autumn: First appearance of Saviours.  This has lasted approx 3 months, as Maggie mentioned being in her 2nd trimester (though you wouldn't know it), and she was pregnant a few weeks before it all started to kick off.

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Quick Predictions for HOW IT'S GOTTA BE: S8:8 of #TheWalkingDead....

S8:7 Time for After
S8:6 The King, The Widow and Rick 
The Many Faces of Daryl Dixon: character study 

I do not watch spoiler videos, read spoiler articles or read the comics.... this is just what I think will (and won't) happen!

  • Not today, not tomorrow.... and not S8:8, either.  I don't think Rick will get to kill Negan yet; we'll be hanging on into the next half-season.
  • Eugene's cowardice and treachery towards AHK will bite him on the ass.  He'll be gone... possibly by the hand of his benefactor?
  • Gabriel will die, and it will be really, really sad, but he will say lots of super-profound things (probably to Rick) first.
  • Gregory will be strung up by the imprisoned Saviours.
  • Anyone who softened towards Negan when he talked about his wife will be reminded that yes, this guy is a total psycho.  Someone else will meet Lucille.  Could it be Dwighty-Boy?  Possibly, but not before he has had a 'moment' with Daryl....
  • ....and, before Dwight breathes his last breath, maybe he will save Daryl and Tara from an fate worse than or actual death.
  • Morgan or Henry will get to kill Jared Saviour.
  • We will be left with a dangling thread equal to the end of S6 ~ possible another unseen victim of Lucille? 

  • Ezekiel will go into therapy.
  • Michonne and Jadis will have a bitch-fight when Jadis tries to jump Rick's bones.
  • Carl will invite Sadiq to become a regular and prominent member of the cast.
  • Dr Carson will cure the Walker plague with an infusion of 'erbs.
  •  Regina will remember that she's not a real member of the cast and that before this half-season no one had ever seen or mentioned her, and oblige us all by getting herself killed.
  • Rick and Daryl will get clean shirts.
  • Jesus will turn water into wine... no, I'm getting silly here.)

~ Roll on Monday! ~

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#TheWalkingDead Potato and shit casserole? For Eugene, maybe... Review: Time For After #TWD S8:7

The King, The Widow and Rick
plus links to all others

From bumbling goodie to cowardly baddie: Eugene shows his true colours, at last ~ you know, those ones that everyone's been glossing over since he revealed his lies in S5, since he shot a hole in the truck bound for Washington, and sabotaged the church bus.  He is, by his own admission, a small man, whose self-interest has kept him vertical.  Does he even believe in the myth of the Saviours saving, or doesn't he care, as long as he can eat his pickles and play his video games? 

The smile of secrecy, after he shot up the Washington-bound truck in S4

At first I wasn't sure about the goodie-to-baddie thing.  For instance, do you remember the tunnel, in S4, when he insisted on going back to make sure Glenn and Tara had got through safely, because (he said) even after he saved the world he would have to live with himself?  On the other hand, catastrophes like a zombie apocalypse can change a guy, especially a weak one.  Negan has taken the place of Abraham; Eugene can't survive without a protector.

So he tells Dwighty-boy he knows he's been creeping and colluding with AHK (Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom ~ not KHA, which would have made his accusation a hair too onomatopoeic).  He now says they were just his travelling companions (yes, all those people who saved his life), and what cranks his shaft is being safe.  Does he know, deep inside, that 'once you do those things, you become those things', like Dwight says?  Or that, indeed, this has already begun to happen?  Dwight is finding his way back, but Eugene is getting in deep, deep and deeper, to the extent of almost kissing Negan's hand....

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Dr Carson has run out of meds to give to the ailing Father Gabriel and skips off to find him some 'erbs, in the hope that a sprig of lavender and the odd bayleaf will stop him looking like a potato and shit casserole.  Or give it some flavour; who knows.  To a background of vaguely hymnal music, Gab tells Mr Mullet to do the right thing.  Some chance of that. His crocodile tears at the flashback of a Walker Sasha don't fool us; they dry up as soon as he sees her iPad, which will fit a treat on his model plane to Pied Piper away the cold corpses.

As for the somewhat reckless revenge plan of Daryl, Tara and Morgan, I'd be on Team Rosita and Michonne; Michonne has usually got her head screwed on.  And Rosita believes in Rick Grimes, which is nice to hear.  Are DTM doing the right thing?  Is avenging the deaths of Glenn, Denise and Benjamin worth the risk, or are they crazy?  Morgan lost it a few episodes ago, of course, while Tara has been raring for a fight since she returned from her two week okra-eating run with Heath to find that Doc Denise had been Dwighted through the eye.  And Daryl?  I see in the S8 version the tearaway who once fought Officer Friendly to let him storm the Walker-thronged streets of Atlanta searching for One Hand Merle..... but, to my surprise, the plan works.  The doors of the Sanctuary are open, and the Walkers flood in.

.... and wasn't that the best part of the episode?  They're back!  Wasn't it great to see the fear of the Dead again, instead of gun fights?  This is why we watch this thing!  It's the first time for ages that we've been reminded how terrifying they are.  Thank you, writers ~ can we have more like that, please?  And we see the terror on Eugene's face ~ there's no Abraham to save you now, Mr Tennessee Top Hat; your chum Negan saw to that....

Back at the junkyard, I notice that Andrew Lincoln does not go full naked like Daryl did in the Sanctuary cell, but keeps on his shorts; well, he's English!  A quick demo of his fighting skills, and he has Ms Take-Don't-Bother in a stranglehold, demands his boots back, and makes possibly his twenty-seventh deal with Jadis.  For a 'fourth' of the Sanctuary spoils, and a sculpture of Rick.  O-kaaayy...  I did wonder at first why the other Scavengers didn't just shoot him, but then remembered that, of course, they are but the robots of Queen Jadis.

The last shot is of Rick seeing that all his snipers have gone from the rooves of the Sanctuary ~ but fear not, Rick.  You're surely on the home lap now, unless the weirdo Trash Folk make another deal with Negan.  As for Eugene, I await his painful and deserved end with baited breath.  It's the last one of the half-season next week; will Dwight finally give Daryl back his waistcoat?

Remember when it was all smart and new?  Back on the farm....

Next week then... I'm thinking Eugene will die, possibly Gabriel and Gregory, but it won't be the end of Negan yet ~ my guess is that they will make us wait until the spring, just like we had to when Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob were bent over the troughs at Terminus.  We will see.  I think this was possibly the best episode yet this season ~ what do y'all reckon?

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If I owned a restaurant I would....

If I owned a restaurant I would....

  • train my staff to say 'Certainly, Madam,' or 'This way, sir', or 'I'll just ask the chef to make sure, sir,' or just 'Yes' - anything other than 'No Problem.'  I would make clear that 'No Problem' is a three-strikes-and-you're-out offence.  Possibly with a punch in the face.
  • insist that my staff take twenty minutes or so each evening to actually find out about the stuff that's on the menu, so they can answer simple questions like 'What flavours of ice cream do you have?'

  • teach the staff that when middle-aged people have a liqueur after dinner, they are having a liqueur after dinner, not 'doing shots'.  Last night, when I asked for a Sambucca, the waiter asked my dinner companions if they were 'doing shots as well'.
  • make sure they know the difference between a small wine glass, a small sherry glass, a liqueur glass, etc.
  • get the chef to put the main item of food on a plate, with the vegetables in serving dishes if necessary.  Not arrange the main item on a large oval plate with the other items in daft little pots all round it.  Last night, one of my friends was given his chips in what looked like a miniature basket from a deep fat fryer, placed on his plate.  Is it so hard to just empty them out?  Or was the basket supposed to look cute/stylish/trendy?  Masterchef has a lot to answer for.
  • Not change the whole menu for the sake of it, so that people who have eaten there six months before and loved it, find that there is nothing even vaguely resembling anything they ate there last time.
  • Have something on the menu for non-meat eaters apart from one not very interesting pasta dish (okay, okay, I should have found out first).

On the subject of stupid things some people say, my friend Amy who was with me last night is a vegan, as am I, but we are keen not to be a pain in the arse about it; we will, thus, eat vegetarian if out, because otherwise you have to find vegan restaurants, which is inconsiderate towards the rest of the people you are with who maybe fancy the odd prawn or sauce with butter.  

We also agree that if we going to someone's house for dinner we will tell them we don't eat meat or fish, but will not expect them to cook special dishes for us (for instance, if they are serving fish, potatoes and vegetables, we will just not have the fish), and certainly won't insist on non-dairy.  In other words, we will eat what we are given.

Amy (who is a trendy young thing, but thinks for herself instead of latching onto every trendy-young-thing buzzword) told me that some TYTs who adhere to this way of thinking call themselves 'flexitarians'.

I thought it was just called 'not being a self-important tit'.  Or 'having manners'.

I understand 'flexitarian' can also mean eating meat sometimes.  And there was me thinking that was normally referred to as 'not a vegetarian'.  

Or just 'eating'.


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Review: The King, The Widow and Rick #TWD S8:6 #TheWalkingDead

The Big Scary U
Some Guy 
Daryl Dixon character study 

And so they return... Rick marches/limps along the road like a wounded, worn out soldier, Daryl takes his hissy fit back to Alexandria, Aaron takes baby Gracie back to Hilltop, and the Kingdom mourn their dead.  Rick's not-quite-instant-messaging system lets them all know what's going on, and reminds them that 'our path has led us to who we are'.   If I was him I'd have been pretty pissed at being left out there all alone in Walker/Saviour/Scavenger-strewn Virginia.  Come on, Daryl, this isn't who you are.  We love you best, but we love Rick too. 

Jesus feeds The Saviours
At the Hilltop, Jesus distributes loaves and fishes (and the odd turnip) to the Saviours, while Gregory suggests the gallows might be a better solution for them.  Given that I accidentally saw a picture from the comics of Gregory hanging from one of these contraptions, I cannot help but think his words might come back to haunt him, especially when he gets shoved in with them.  Maggie's a farm girl, remember, and knows all about sheep and wolves and stuff, unlike their 'hippy-dippy, kung-fu fighting friend'.  Which is why she, especially, should be questioning how come she still has a completely flat stomach, four months into her pregnancy.

'If you fight for us, we'll teach you how to speak in complete sentences.  Deal?'

Meanwhile, back at the junkyard, Jadis is doing a spot of naked sculpture when some of her Scavengers turn up with Rick, who tells them of the Saviours' misfortune, and wants to strike a deal with them.  But he talks too much.... incidentally, has anyone else noticed that Kingdom Diane and Junkyard Tamiel are the same person?

Kingdom Diane
Junkyard Tamiel

It's great to see Michonne and Rosita back in action, albeit not at their best, as they discover yet another Saviours' hideaway, but the baddies' plans are foiled by a head on collision with Daryl and Tara in a truck, on their way to the Sanctuary to 'finish it'.  One cannot help but suspect this might not all go as smoothly as planned.  We may have seen the more human side of Negan last week, but let us not forget he is the man who beat Abraham and Glenn's heads in with a baseball bat, and laughed while he did it.  He's still a psychopath.  It's my prediction that Daryl and Tara, who have vowed to kill Dwighty-Boy between them, may themselves be saved by that very victim of Negan's iron.  

Rosita searches for stray RPGs

Back in the woods outside Alexandria, Carl is bored and goes off looking for Walkers to bait.  Just like old times, really, and good to see a bit of casual zombie despatching back in the series, especially for those who don't like the gun fights.  Here he comes across Sadiq, who he met in Episode 1; Carl introduces himself as 'Coral' and they say a load of profound stuff to each other, including Carl saying that his mum told him to always do what was right, even if it was the hardest thing to do.  Lori was nobody's favourite character, least of all mine, but I have to say I found her death scene from Season 3 pretty damn heartbreaking, and I cry real tears every time I see it.

Carl and his new buddy work on honouring Sadiq's mom by killing some Walkers and thus freeing their trapped souls, until it gets out of hand, but at least Carl's indestructable hat remains in place.

More echoes from the past as Carol tells Benjamin's little brother, Henry, what happens when kids play in the woods (they end up in Hershel's barn, fully Walker-fied), but Henry needs to avenge his brother's death.  Hope we get to see him kill the revolting Jared Saviour ~ it's got to be either him or Morgan, hasn't it? (btw, where IS Morgan?)  And I'm not too convinced by the Friendly Saviour, who tells Jesus he was just mindin' his own business, puttin' up a fence, when he got caught up in it all...

Later, there's a stepping up of the chemistry between Carol and Ezekiel, as he tells her that she is the only person who makes him feel real.  But what will we call them?  Cazekiel? Carekiel?  Ezekierol?  I was thinking that Carol would end up leading the Kingdom, because she does, after all, totally rock, but maybe they could be King and Queen?  Except Carol should be the King.  Ezekiel can be the drama queen.....

Cazekiel getting real

And so Aaron and Enid go back to Alexandria to fight, and Rick sits naked in a big container thing in the Junkyard.  As soon as I saw her feet, I thought, hang on a minute, Jadis is wearing Rick's boots ~ this does not bode well.

Two more to go ~ I have no more predictions but would love to hear anyone else's!

Those boots, long ago, when they still had toes....

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The Big Scary U ~ Review #TWD #TheWalkingDead S8:5

Review of last week HERE

As soon as I'd watched the super-extended pre-titles bit, I thought, okay, so who dies tonight?  Gabriel or Gregory?  It's looking like Gabriel... but has he been bitten, or does he have Virginia Walker Innards disease?  Is a Virginia Walker anything like a Virginia Creeper?  And, of course, we know that Gregory is now safely back at Barrington House, eating other people's pancakes. 😜
Gabriel ~ bitten, or fulfilled his purpose?

What a terrific episode ~ I've always loved how the TWD writers show us the same time frame again, from the other point of view.  Finally, we see a little bit of the pre-Walker Negan who once had a wife who he treated like the aforementioned Walker innards, and gain insight into why he thinks his methods are justified: he's created order, stopped people like Rapey Davey having their way, identified the fighters and the workers, understood that people can't work for him if they're dead.

Rapey Davey's final moments, S7:15
One can even see why he really thinks that Rick caused the deaths of Glenn and Abraham.  The jury is out on that one, but he says, 'I killed them, but Rick caused their deaths'.  We know that without Rick's leadership, everyone in Alexandria would already have been killed by the Wolves, and probably the Saviours too, but that's another story.

'I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nut-sack is made of steel'

Meanwhile, Eugene brings Dwight a gift of pickles for standing up for him in the chaotic, leaderless meeting when all those Negans thought the real Negan was dead, little knowing that Dwighty-Boy is really trying to cover up his own treachery, which it doesn't take him long to suss out ~ will they work together, or will Eugene rat Dwight out?  I'm thinking the former, now that Negan has told him he'll die slowly if he doesn't find a solution to the current siege problem....  Remember Abraham, Eugene! Do the right thing! 

... (but isn't it nice to see Dwight sounding like the half-way decent guy he sort of almost was, back in the burnt forest?)

A further meanwhile, back at the wrecked truck with one dying Saviour, Rick reminds Daryl that they can't explode the Sanctuary because of all the innocent workers, and because that's still who we arr-rrr ... well, he doesn't actually say that, but I betcha it was on the tip of his tongue.  I can see both their POVs.  Daryl ~ end it today.  Rick ~ be the good guy, but risk getting everyone else dead.  They fight, Daryl zooms off in a hissy fit, and Rick travels along the road, like a wounded War of Independence rebel who's had enough.

And then he sees The Helicopter.  Or does he?  Rick is given to hallucinations, both visible and audible, as we all know.  Is this an homage to Episode One, when he really did see a helicopter, and Glenn and the gang inside the department store (sad: all of whom are dead now) told him he was imagining it?  Or this time, will it come back for him?  And who was the guy with the binoculars?

I did see a helicopter, I did, I did ... S1:1 Days Gone Bye

We wait with baited breath....

For an in-depth study of the character of Daryl, please click HERE. 
(Features Merle, Rick, Carol, Dwight, Aaron, Beth...)

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Anything But Books ~ fun blog tag thingy from @ShelleyWilson72 and @BrizzleLass

I'm pleased to take part in one of those random questions things, after being tagged by writer pal Shelley Wilson ~ you can read her post HERE.  She in turn was tagged by Claire from BrizzleLass Books ~ I shall tag a few people later, too...

 Q1. Name a cartoon that you love.

There is no finer cartoon than South Park, ever.   I've watched some of them nearly as many times as I've watched The Walking Dead....  I have Eric Cartman on my mantelpiece and keyring!

Q2. What is your favourite song right now? 

I don't listen to the radio/watch music channels and have no idea what the popular music is these days, because about ten years ago I reached the point when I find chart/pop music mostly abhorrent (if you're younger than forty-five: you'll get there too, I promise!).  In our house we listen to all sorts.  Yesterday it was Rosemary Clooney.  Lately, there's been a fair bit of AC/DC.  Can never have too much.  πŸ˜‰

Film from 1970s of Let There Be Rock, which is one of my all time AC/DC faves... (note a few hours later: just found out that Malcolm Young has died...)

Q3. What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Watch The Walking Dead.  Can and DO!


Q4. What is something that you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

I'm always stumped by questions that ask me to reveal something fascinating about myself.  I am possibly the most unfascinating person I know.  I've done a whole bunch of stuff but nothing I would want to put in a blog questionnaire.  Mostly, I just write.  And read, and watch telly.  Okay.  My husband says that doing the washing is my hobby.  It's true.  I get a little bit excited when, say, I come home from a rare few days away and there are at least four loads to do.  I love having all our clothes and bedding washed and ironed at all times.  There.  Told you it wouldn't be very interesting.  And ps, it's the only domestic chore that I do much of!

Q5. What is your favourite, unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

History.  I read lots of non-fiction history, as well as the sort of historical fiction that teaches you about a time period (not the women in long dresses/castles/period unspecified historical romance type!).  I also watch lots of historical documentaries, read articles, etc.  Wish I'd developed the interest earlier and become a learnΓ©d historian, or something.

Q6. What is something unusual you know how to do?

It’s not particularly unusual but (as per Shelley's answer), it's about the only thing I can do well that not everyone can.  I am very good at stuff like logic problems, and games on my tablet that require logic, like backgammon and Plague Inc.

Q7. Name something that you’ve made in the last year.

Made?  I don't make anything, except the bed!  I'm not arty.  I heat food rather than cook.  A friend came to stay for three nights last May, and I was panicking over what the hell I was going to give her to eat.  My sister has just stayed for three nights, too, and it was great, because she has the same attitude as me.  She had fish fingers and broccoli, every night.

Q8. What is your most recent personal project?

I became a vegan a few months ago.  I did so because I don't want to support the animal agriculture industry, which is the responsible for most of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and, thus, a whole other bunch of crap things that are happening to the planet.  


Q9. Tell us something that you think of often.

My dad, who died in September.  Sorry, don't want to bring the mood of the post down, but it was my immediate answer.  And they're often happy thoughts, remembering all the lovely things about him.

Q10. Tell us something that’s your favourite, but make it oddly specific.

I will do as Shelley did, and name my current favourite TV shows.

The Walking Dead - of course!  A link to the many blog posts I've written about it HERE.

The Deuce ~ fabulous series set in early 1970s New York.  James Franco, nuff said. πŸ˜‹ Read more about it HERE

Currently watching Mindhunter, terrific series set in 1977, in which two FBI agents visit lots of serial killers....

Just finished watching Tin Star with the fabulous Tim Roth playing an alcoholic cop who you loathe more and more as the series unfolds...

I'm tagging....

(Please don't feel obliged to do this, it just means I'm suggesting it to you!) 

My sister, Julia
My friend Andrea, because she has recently started up her blog again.
Book blogger chum Liz
Book blogger chum Abbie
Writer chum Georgia