Monday 19 March 2018

Review: THE KEY #TheWalkingDead S8:12 #TWD #TWDFamily

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So Rick has about fifty chances to kill Negan and screws up every one of them.  Fair enough, he's not at his fighting best; he's probably starving hungry, and certainly out of his mind with heartbreak, so yes, maybe he can be forgiven for bad calls like shooting off all his ammo before he could see where Negan actually was, missing the opportunity to cut off his fingers, not bashing his brains in with the burning Lucille ~ and why, when he plunged after the weaponless Negan into the room marked 'eaters', didn't he fight his own way out and leave the Walkers to do their stuff?

I'll just shoot off all my ammo at a car door 
then face my enemy with a hatchet and my bare hands.

Maybe because he wanted to kill him with Lucille or the hatchet with which he was supposed to chop off Carl's arm... but I bet, when he walked out and found a big Negan-free nothing, he wished he hadn't got hung up on those details. 

Still, at least we got a car chase.  Not quite the Fast and the Furious, but...

I wonder if the janitor job is still open...


With Negan missing, Simon instructs the Saviours to expunge, redact and erase their Hilltop, Alexandria and Kingdom foes.  BTW, when Simon asked Gary Saviour what his name was, I really thought he was going to say 'Gary'.  Could have started off a whole new page in their history.  

Horrible nasty Gary Saviour

We could already see Dwight's brain ticking over, working out how he was going to let Hilltop know... I expect he will manage to save the day.  Did his wistful glance at Sherry's wedding rings and her tab end at the beginning indicate that she's going to show up soon?  Maybe she and Dwight will live, and join our gang ~ now, wouldn't that be nice?  And btw, isn't his burn make-up excellent?

I'm looking forward to seeing what transpires now that Negan knows Simon wasted the Scavengers.  Perhaps now that Jadis has abducted Negan, she will show him the Super-Mega-Zombie-And-Untrustworthy-Lieutenants-Masher?  Yes!  I seriously hope the writers have thought of this, too....


Not too sure about this windmill and crop manual storyline with the woman who used to be Karen Hayes in 24.  Is it in the comics?  I don't know; I stopped reading them because of the spoiler thing.  It seems a bit more comic-book-ish, though.  But it's good to have a bit of positivity, and it's not totally unlikely ~ we have to remember that there will be good people in the post apocalyptic world, too.  Not all women will morph into psychos like Arat, the evil Olivia-killer.

More stuff I liked in this episode:
  • The talk between Daryl and Rick beside Glenn and Abraham's graves ~ good to see Daryl talking in more than three-word grunts again, and to see a bit of his compassionate stuff coming back.
  • The conversation between Michonne, Maggie and Enid.  You can see Enid's point, but I am sure Michonne will prove to be right about Karen Hayes; I predict she will tell Enid that you can't just nick people's food, and that you have to trust some people because it's still who we arrr-rrr. 
  • How fab Rosita looked in that sleeveless black polo neck.  When I am reincarnated I want to look exactly like her.  Or just be her.

More questions for the next 4 episodes:
  • So when IS Negan going to find out that Gavin failed to secure the Kingdom?
  • Have the writers forgotten about 'orrible outpost leader Regina who was written in at the beginning of this season?  She seems to have disappeared.
  • What happened to Saviour Laura, the only one who saw evidence of Dwight's change in loyalties?
  • Will Aaron turn up with the ladies of Oceanside in the nick of time?
  • What use will be made of the Super-Mega-Zombie-Masher???
  • Are we going to finally see an end to the Saviours War?  Please?  I know the rankings have been slipping over the last two seasons, and I think they will take another plummet if there's not a hint of a new storyline by the end of this one.
Here's something interesting ~ The Walking Dead deaths ~ Comic vs TV 

I will leave you with some reminders of happier times....


  1. I really enjoyed this episode. The mini fast and furious car chase (and crash that we didn't see!) was great and I was chuckling at Rick's A-Team firing skills as he chased after Negan. I really thought the big bad (who I love) was going to come to a grizzly end at the hands of his beloved Lucille until Rick mentioned Simon's dirty deed - Negan can't die until he's kicked Simon's a**. Loved the mix of 'men fight and yell' and 'women build and conquer' scenes. Girl power was rocking it. Not sure about Georgie and her twin bodyguards but I did laugh at 'moist' ;) Only 4 episodes left eek. Looking forward to next week.

    1. Ah, Georgie, so that's her name - thank you! Must have missed that. And I love your men-women observation.... nice! Carol, Michonne, Maggie, Rosita - they're far better equipped to run most of it. But Rick and Daryl fear no man....

  2. My favorite show in awhile! Liked the Rick + Negan stuff. But so hoping Rick could've taken care of Negan!
    Yes, please end war + bring original early cast back into focus!

    This episode was a riot! Fun

    1. That's it, isn't it - we want to see the characters we know and love, so well. I think all viewers would be happy for every episode to feature Rick, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Maggie - they're what we have left from the earlier days! x