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Review: #TheWalkingDead S10x08 THE WORLD BEFORE #TWD #TWDFamily

Review: S10x07 OPEN YOUR EYES

Written by Julia Ruchman
Directed by John Dahl

'Let's get to it—screw these freaks' 

The last three episodes really have been outstanding, haven't they?  Excellent dialogue, threads woven together so artfully, and (as Negan would say), some seriously unpredictable shit. 😆  I can't imagine what is going to happen in the second half, which is just as it should be.

So finally we see the backstory of Dante, though we still don't know where he came from—not that it matters now.  I'm slightly disappointed about the way that whole storyline was wrapped up so quickly, because it had so much potential, but I'm delighted that it was Gabriel who killed him.  Letting the desire for revenge triumph over his usual wise judgement was so much the right thing as far as Siddiq, Rosita and Coco are concerned (before he did the deed, I thought we were seeing the start of their downfall as a couple, leading to her being with Eugene - no, no!).

Maybe he will get hassle from some of the others for disposing of Dante before they got a chance to grill him for Whisperer information, thought that won't be a concern right now, seeing as most of the A team are currently stuck down a Walker-filled pit. 

Oh Carol, you were the one who hung back after Daryl had dismissed Aaron's intel as a con; that look on your face said I'm not so sure... I think they're here—so why respond to the bait?  I get it, though—she's on a mission, and not even beginning to work through her grief over Henry.  Before the heads on the spikes, Carol coolly worked stuff out, did what she thought was best, every time, and she was always right, but it seems losing Henry was the last straw, and now she's dashing forth, blinded by her need to avenge his death.

So did Gamma lie to Aaron, or did Alpha send her to him as an unwitting decoy, knowing that she would betray her?  The latter, I believe.

That exchange between Carol and Daryl brought tears to my eyes.  'I'm the one you tell.  Me.'  You could see the relief she felt when she went into his arms ... and the tenderness and concern he feels for her, too.  Also good that it wasn't overdone; I'm glad that the writers aren't laying their relationship on too thick, because Daryl was always a man of few but important words ('Nah'), and Carol, by her own admission, finds it so hard to talk about her pain.

'We have a future.  Don't let her take that, too'

Meanwhile, back on the road, with Michonne and Judith ... it's good to see the lovely Scott get more screentime and lines—to see people like him and Barbara, who were Alexandria residents before our gang showed up; they've become like old friends too, now, as more of the characters from the first six seasons disappear.  

As for Luke—hasn't he learned, after all this time, that you do a sweep through every building before you start looking for stuff?  New character Virgil had 'good guy' written all over him, though we can only guess at what will happen to Michonne now that she's sailed off with him; I hope I don't come to eat my words.  I see the orange backpack now has a new owner; is this symbolic?  

Michonne and Judith make a touching team, strong and sweet all at the same time (how proud Rick, Carl and Lori would be!) though I was surprised to hear no mention of 'give my love to your brother' before Michonne left, or that she had to get back because of him, as well as to give support to the rest of Alexandria.  I loved her mention of 'My mercy prevails over my wrath'; not just Siddiq, but Rick too; and how she underlined to Virgil that his wife and kids must be worried, and wondering where he is: 'Don't put them through that'.  Because she knows what it's like...

A definite theme ran through this episode, reflected in the title ... Aaron's story to Gracie about the relics from the lost Native American tribe, as though he was thinking that the humans still trying to cling onto civilisation might meet the same fate; Dante saying that such communities will 'crumble at the smallest nick', and his echoing of Alpha's philosophy about what people are, these days ... also Rosita's doubting herself as the kick-ass warrior we knew before motherhood.

And so the communities are now left without anyone with medical knowhow.  Then again, who remembers Carol tending to Hershel's leg and planning Lori's C section in S3x02 SICK, because she'd learned some stuff from Hershel?  Still, I can't see her staying home with a stethoscope instead of out there wasting hostiles, of the dead and the undead variety (quote: Abraham, S6x14!).

Other bits and bobs:
  • Gabriel's words of wisdom: 'Feelings don't predict the future'.  Wonderful advice to anyone who suffers from anxiety!
  • I like that Siddiq turned; not many of the main characters get to be a Walker!
  • When Dante said, 'Look what people did to the world', did he mean that the Walker virus was man-made?
  • So Aaron's number plates survived even the fire of two mid-season finales ago!  Wonder if he's got another Alaska one yet?!

  • Another bit of clever TWD detail from the old world, always noticed and appreciated—how the Walker that Eugene helped Rosita kill was wearing a dayglo tabard and a helmet, an indication that he was one from the very early days. 
  • Love that Judith is keeping a log—maybe Rick will get to read it one day.  Writers, producers, please let that happen!! 
  • What will happen to Gamma and Lydia?  I assume Lydia is not just gone, as Daryl said, and that Gamma has allowed her feelings for her family to quash any remaining loyalty she has for Alpha.  Will they be instrumental in getting Daryl and co out of the Walker pit?  Or will that just be down to Negan?  'Nah' - I'm sure they can find a way out, themselves ... but where will they end up?

Are those spikes at the Alpha's new border 
ready for a new set of heads?

Not on Carol's watch.....

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