Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lindisfarne ~ Coming Soon! #PostApocalyptic #Dystopian Project Renova Book #2

Have you read Tipping Point yet?  If not, it will be on offer at just 99p/99c from September 24th ~ 30th.

.... and Lindisfarne, the sequel, will be available from the 26th.  I loved my research trips to the island, so expect to see lots of photos over the next few weeks!

Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, mild SciFi, Romantic Suspense, Government Conspiracy.

Around 95K words (approx 4k longer than Tipping Point).

Time span and structure
January 2025 ~ May 2026.  Told from alternating points of view (if you've read Tipping Point, you may like to know that these are Vicky, Lottie, Heath, Aria, Wedge, and Doyle the data analyst from BDC).

The blurb:

Six months after the viral outbreak, civilised society in the UK has broken down.  Vicky and her group travel to the Northumbrian island of Lindisfarne, where they are welcomed by an existing community.

New relationships are formed, old ones renewed.  The lucky survivors adapt, finding strength they didn't know they possessed, but the honeymoon period does not last long.  Some cannot accept that the rules have changed, and for just a few, the opportunity to seize power is too great to pass up.  Egos clash, and the islanders soon discover that there are greater dangers than not having enough to eat.

Meanwhile, in the south, Doyle discovers that rebuilding is taking place in the middle of the devastated countryside.  He comes face to face with Alex Verlander from Renova Workforce Liaison, who makes him an offer he can't refuse.  But is UK 2.0 a world in which he will want to live? 

Lindisfarne is Book #2 in the Project Renova series.  A book of related short stories, entitled Patient Zero, features back and side-stories from minor characters, and will be available by the end of 2017.  Book #3 is due in mid 2018.  


  1. Looking forward to the sequel of Tipping Point

  2. So looking forward to this, having finished the wonderful Tipping Point last week. Lindisfarne is the perfect setting for a group of people to build a community. Have only been there once but remember its sense of mystery and remoteness, and, of course, the mead!

    1. I toyed with some imaginary places first, then realised that the perfect one existed! As for the mead, I think much of the stuff is made elsewhere. I bought a bottle of honey liqueur for my sister in law. When I got it home I looked at the label; it was made in Plymouth.

  3. Can’t wait! And set on one of my favourite places :-)

    1. I can't wait for it to be released.... I daren't go back there now, though, in case I find bits I want to change... :)