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Review: #TWD Season 9:1 A NEW BEGINNING #TWDFamily #TheWalkingDead

Review: S8:16 WRATH
Great Hershel Moments 

I'd like to start with saying how fitting it was, that on the day we heard about the death of dear Scott Wilson, we saw that Maggie's baby is named Hershel after his most loved character.  RIP, Scott and Hershel Greene.

Now: a big thank you, AMC, for giving us our show back.  It's what we want: the people, the survival and the Walkers.  A great start, giving an overview of what life is like in all the communities now; I loved the new opening graphics.  This is the real recovery, learning how to live again, not just get up, fight walkers, rinse and repeat (to slightly misquote Abraham).  A year or so since Season 8, Rick, brought back to the man he used to be by Carl's letter and maybe Morgan's last comments to him, too, believes he can build a Utopia.  

 But human nature isn't going to let him....

 ...for there is trouble at mill.  Like the defeated Royalists during Oliver Cromwell's time, some secret Negans are hatching plots.  The heads of Hilltop, Sanctuary and Alexandria  cannot agree on the way forward.  Sensible Michonne, always the voice of reason, has suggested a charter: a beginning of law, to which all will adhere.  But since when did all the people in a community of any size agree to kowtow to rules laid down by the leaders?  I love Rick, but he can match Deanna in idealism, at times.  Just because he is filled with renewed hope, it doesn't follow that everyone else is.

In any primitive society, it's always going to come down to food.  When Maggie said that she's fulfilled her obligation to the Saviors by not killing them, and that she doesn't have to feed them as well, I kind of agreed with her.  They don't have to live in the Sanctuary; they can go and get themselves a farm.  As Daryl pointed out, it's a factoryThey can't grow enough food there, by definition.  Why did Negan go out demanding meat and veg with menaces in the first place?   

But just when I was starting to think, yes, Maggie's got her head screwed on, she displays shades of Negan by executing Gregory in public.  In an echo of the Big Man, she was saying: 'Mess with me, and this is what happens to you'.  Gregory could have been despatched, quietly, but Maggie wanted to make a statement, one I think she might come to regret.  In the words of the late, great Joe Strummer: He who fucks nuns will later join the church.  Don't continue down this road, Maggie.  Don't defeat the tyrant only to take his place.  What would Glenn and Hershel have said?

By doing what she has done, so publicly, she is instilling fear, as did Negan.  Depends how you want to lead, I guess.....

I saw an echo of Season 2, when Rick's group faced their first serious dilemma in the newly lawless society - do they murder to keep themselves safe, or do they stay humane?  As before, children turned up unexpectedly, as Carl did just as Rick was about to execute Randall.  

Then, it was enough to jolt Rick back to his senses. This time, when Michonne called out that there were Hilltop kids present, Maggie went ahead and did the deed.  Perhaps the memory of how they used to be is too long ago, now.

Talking of the old gang, I'd like to shake Daryl's hand.  'There ain't no us anymore.  Everyone's everywhere.  That small group we had in the beginning ~ that was right' They were all on the same page; they got this thing.  Now, there are too many to manage, spread too thinly.  Our main gang (Rick, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, Rosita, Eugene, Tara, and possibly Gabriel, Aaron, Enid and Jesus too, as they have now earned their place in the main title credits) should be together.  I totally get Daryl ~ 'Thing is, you changed it, Rick'.  Like I said, Deanna-like idealism...

So sad to think that five of these are gone now

As for Ezekiel and Carol.... and I am sure that lovely scene with Daryl and Carol will give all #Caryl fans hope for the future!  

'Does he snore fancy, too?'
 'He's alright.  Bit corny, but...'

I will end with a few questions:


  • How come pre-zombie apocalypse Health and Safety allowed that dodgy glass floor/ceiling in the museum in the first place?
  • How come Jesus has transformed from cool, snarky guy into Mr Sensitive with a man bun?  (No, Aaron; you can do better)
  • When will one of the Saviors say, hey, how about we go and live somewhere that isn't all concrete, so we can grow some spuds and shit like that? 

...a special mention for the 'de-evolution of man' in the museum, and the evidence that there were once people camping there who, presumably, became the Walkers within.  Also, the way Carol saved the day for the 199th time, by overhearing Daryl telling Rick that he wasn't happy managing the Sanctuary, and offering to take over.  Now, excuse me while I go and watch it again....

The Many Faces of Daryl Dixon



  1. I agree with you about ALL except Gregory. How many times can we turn the other cheek with this ass? Perhaps I am oversensitive to monstrous assiness, as an American. But BUH-bye Gregory. You monstrous ass.

    1. Oh, I totally agree he should have died, Kara! But I think Maggie will have instilled fear into people ~ and that is what they were trying to get away from. Thanks for reading, and roll on next week!

  2. I haven't watched it yet, but dying to! Had to read your blog anyway because I it's so much fun to watch recap! Tomorrow I think...still hoping Rick manages to escape with his head/body in tact...RIP Hershel 😥! Great write & now more excited to see show👍

    1. Look forward to your thoughts once you've seen it, Machell! x

  3. Hi Terry! Nice to see a little hope and peace again for TWD. Great to see the massive machine guns gone and focusing more on survival in the new world. Carol still a favorite & nice to see her find a bit of love it at least allow herself that.
    I used to love Maggie, but somehow lost connection after Glen left the show. I think this season feels a little like pieces of the prison anode time when Rick was working the the garden and finding reprieve. Nice to see reality of lack of gas finally. This season proves to be a reboot and with Rick exiting soon, it will needed it!
    Only major complaint is the zombies look so decayed no fear seems possible... although I did when Exekiel dangled inside the capital with walkers knawing at him! Exciting to see. I did notice Michonne looked completely different in the beginning and then looked more herself as show continued. Think maybe her hair looked more reddish in the sunlight? (This isn't obviously important, but found myself wondering about the change.😂)

    1. YES!!! About the lack of gas - but more to the point, petrol (as we call it!) deteriorates after a year at the very most, so all that driving was always impossible anyway, unless they make it themselves, which they're dong now (I've been researching all this stuff for my latest book!) - but we can suspend our disbelief!!

      I feel exactly the same re Glenn and Maggie. I loved them as a couple, but once he was gone I realised it was because of him, not her.

      As for the Walkers.... yes, but they can still kill... and some of them are more decayed than others....!! Thanks for your lovely long comment xxx