Saturday 21 June 2014

1960s/70s rock band picture quiz!!!

Well, I said to my husband, I said, I don't think it's a very good idea for a blog post, the audience for it would be strictly 50 and over, probably having been or still being a bit hippy-ish, with a silly sense of humour.  Kinda limited. He said, "well, it just entertained us for half an hour, didn't it?"

So here it is, for daft people who will never see 49 again - my picture quiz... 

Name the 1960s/early 1970s rock band (answers at end!)


They get more difficult, I promise!


I saw the above chap (not the whole group!) (is that confusing?!) at Leeds Roundhay Park in 1982, supporting the Stones.  Top stuff!






















14.  This is a country music one, but it made me laugh - yes, it was my husband's idea!


14.  Saving the best 'til last...

Well, it passed a spare 10 minutes!!!

Here are the answers:

1.  Atomic Rooster  2. Python Lee Jackson  3. Nazareth  
4.  Grateful Dead  5. Chicken Shack  6. The Faces
7.  The Small Faces  8.  Uriah Heep  9. Humble Pie
10. Velvet Underground  11. Vinegar Joe
12. Thunderclap Newman  13. Black Oak Arkansas
14.  Johnny Cash!  15. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Friday 20 June 2014

No Sex Please, We're British - and no vomiting, either!

I was talking to two Twitter friends about this yesterday, and felt compelled to put rant to blog, as it were!

Why does every single drama/crime/thriller series on television these days have to include graphic humping scenes?  You never seem to get past the first 20 minutes without seeing a bare male bum thrusting up and down, or see the female character's legs wound round the male character's back, with full sound effects, complete with noisy climaxes, facial expressions, the lot.  Ordinary dramas show scenes that used to be restricted to soft porn films; the only thing you can't see is the actual penetration. 

Somehow it's not so bad on shows like Game Of Thrones, or Banshee (though that does get a bit OTT with it), which is fantasy, and at least the actors are, for the most part, pretty good looking, and it's artfully filmed and fairly sexy, though maybe a tad idealised - but I really, really don't want to see people like Kevin Whately on the job. Please, just don't.

Kevin, mate, you're not a bad actor, but I don't want to see you rogering the Mrs

Look, we all know that grown-ups have sex. Ordinary looking people, fat people, old people - but do we need to see it?  Couldn't we just be shown them talking, afterwards?

Which brings me onto something else.


If someone is throwing up, it's enough for us to see them bend over, to hear them retching.  We don't need to SEE IT COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS. Or the spittle round their mouths afterwards.  Oh, and I don't want to see anyone taking a dump, either.  Last night, in Fargo (excellent series!), we saw Billy Bob Thornton sit on the loo, and we heard the sound as - well, you know.  What's next, Glorious Smell-o-Vision so we can get the full effect? 

Everyone has bowel movements, snotty noses, everyone vomits, but showing it in all its glorious detail doesn't make the character or the scene more real, it's just - well, a bit revolting, really.  As for the realistic sex scenes - well, most people look pretty daft when they're doing it, don't they?  Porn films are carefully edited to look erotic. I just hope this current trend doesn't filter into soap operas - I badly don't want to see Owen and Anna/Gail Platt and current oddball (I lose track) having a little Saturday night slap and tickle.

Owen and Anna on Corrie - no! please no!

Yes, yes, I know, they couldn't because of the 9pm watershed - though it actually means nothing anyway, as everything is available on 'catch up'!

All comments most welcome, and please feel free to add to this!

Monday 16 June 2014

All you need to know about punctuation!

Do you worry that your punctuation is not perfect

Someone just sent me this amusing piece on an email - it's all you need to know!
"We commas are nice wee friendly chaps with pointy chins. We jump into sentences to make you take a pause. Don't be putting us at the end of a sentence, mind!   Our chums the full stops have big black tummies and tell you to STOP reading for a second; they're the canny fellows ye need at the end!   Exclamation marks are usually tall thin girls who make you say OOOH AAAGH LOOK AT ME!!! We all get together and help clever people to write ikky little stories. And you know what? They could nae do it without us. Nor could they do without clever blog posts that tell them how to use us!"

Well, actually, we could, Mr Comma... but if you didn't pay attention in school, or have a few problems with the rest of it (like the difference between quotation and speech marks - quotation marks are the ones with  - oh, never mind) it doesn't matter - the proofreader will sort it all out!