Wednesday 31 October 2018

Days Gone Bye ~ a tribute to Rick Grimes. Part 1. #TWDFamily #TWD #RickGrimes #TheWalkingDead

He's gone, and we're gutted.... here's a little trip down memory lane.

From the hospital to being saved by Morgan, to Atlanta, meeting Glenn and finding Lori and Carl, to his discovery that you could walk amongst the Walkers, and a time when Daryl was yet to become his brother.


When he did what he could to keep Sophia safe...
...but couldn't stop Carl getting shot...
   ....and here's that HAT moment...

In a pensive mood at the farm...

The first time he killed the living to protect his family, in Nebraska.

An early moment with Daryl, before the fall of the farm.

...and 'no more kids' stuff'

Then there was the always-complicated relationship with Shane,
that in so many ways shaped the man he would become.


On to the taking of the prison, the quick despatch of Tomas,
the moment he accepted that Oscar was one of the good guys...

...and the loss of Lori.

Hershel was always there to provide good counsel,
especially during the war with the Governor.

...and also in Season 3, of course, he first met Michonne.

 Happy times during 8 or so months between Seasons 3 & 4
when all was well at the prison... and before the flu virus appeared :)

Father and son fight off the Walkers at the prison

But after the prison falls...
....he hit the road with Michonne and Carl, eventually meeting up with Daryl again...

...and then there was Terminus......

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