Monday 24 October 2016

The saddest episode ever... #TWD #TheWalkingDeadSeason7Premiere

I've just watched it..... The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1.

If you haven't seen it yet and don't want to know who meets Lucille, don't read any further.

My original posts about it: HERE and HERE.

I don't think I've ever loathed a fictional character so much.  I hate Negan!   So I was wrong about who it would be, and I wish I wasn't ~ I loved Abraham, the funniest character in the whole show ... he 'took it like a champ' (even offered himself up, in the last ep of Season 6), and he'd made the most of every post apocalyptic moment, but it was still so shocking to see.  

Even more gut wrenching, somehow, was the second death.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's how it is in the comic books (I haven't read that far), but this is real life; how could the producers do it to us???!!!  Don't know about you, but when they were all sitting there in the clearing, after Negan and the Saviour demons had all gone, I blubbed.  I mean, my eyes didn't just water, I cried real tears.  That bit when Sasha approached Maggie... 

So the Atlanta 5 become the Atlanta 4I'm hoping Daryl doesn't get blamed for Glenn, because he pounced on Negan ('I told you, you get the first one free'), or because this all started when he wasted the Saviours....

...but then again, if he hadn't killed them, they would have killed him, Abraham and Sasha.   And, as Rick said, they would have come for them sometime, whoever killed who first.   Wonder what the hell is going to happen to Daryl - cross fingers he gets to make the revolting Dwight history pretty soon.

I've read that Maggie isn't going to spend the rest of the series in a sodden heap, but is going to become a fighting badass.  Good. 

It's the saddest episode ever.  Even more than when Carl & Daryl had to put Lori and Merle down, or when Rick and Carl thought Judith had been eaten by walkers when the prison blew up ... or even the death of Hershel/Beth/Tyreese/Bob/T-Dog (I can feel a saddest moments post coming on...).  Saddest of all, though, is what could have been....

“Bet you thought you were all going to grow old together, sitting around the table at Sunday dinner with a happily ever after.” 

~ RIP Abraham and Glenn ~

and perhaps there is hope of new allies.....

Monday 3 October 2016

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW at half price

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Every serial killer is someone's friend, spouse, lover or child.... 

Young women are being murdered in the Lincolnshire town of Lyndford, where five people fear someone close to them might be the monster the police are searching for.

One of them is right.

Juliet sees an expert's profile of the average serial killer and realises that her abusive husband, Paul, ticks ALL the boxes.  

Maisie thinks her mum's new boyfriend seems too good to be true.  Is she the only person who can see through Gary's friendly, sensitive faรงade? 

Tamsin is besotted with her office crush, Jake.  Then love turns to suspicion... 

Steve is used to his childhood friend, Dan, being a loud mouthed Lothario with little respect for the truth.  But is a new influence in his life leading him down a more sinister path? 

Dorothy's beloved son, Orlando, is keeping a secret from her—a chilling discovery forces her to confront her worst fears. 

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is a character-driven psychological drama that will keep you guessing until the very end.