Tuesday 29 September 2015

The Z Files ~ Cathy Ryan ~ Aquarius

Welcome to The Z Files, in which writers/bloggers show how the characteristics of their star sign influence their work; contributors were invited to treat the subject as seriously, cynically or lightly as they like.  You can see links to all posts about other signs at the end of this one.

Being careful not to splash it everywhere, here is the third water carrier of this series:  Cathy Ryan, fabulous photographer, book blogger and audio book junkie, is here to tell us about how she relates to her sign of Aquarius Cathy's book reviews are informative, balanced and well thought out, and she also posts the most amazing photographs on her blogs, of places she visits (link at end of post).   Yes, and she's a dog lover, too!  

Here's what Cathy has to say about her sign:

"Aquarius is symbolised by the water carrier and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The water represents life and spiritual energy currents. Opposing personal traits can go from shy and sensitive to outgoing and progressive, caring to detached, happy to help but remaining uninvolved emotionally. Most likeable trait is friendliness."

"My birth date puts me on the cusp of Aquarius/Capricorn so my Aquarian tendencies are probably somewhat muted by those of Capricorn. Definitely not an exhibitionist or particularly unconventional and if I seem aloof or remote, I have been accused of that on more than one occasion, it’s a throwback to the self-conscious shyness of my youth, or perhaps because I’m in my own little world and don’t see people when I’m out and about! I’m sometimes guilty of remaining uninvolved emotionally, it's a sort of defence mechanism."

"The quiet and sensitive Aquarian is a better fit than the quirky, individual and exuberant. I’m people orientated and social but also like my own space and company sometimes which is why I enjoy blogging, I think - it’s a good mix of both worlds. Dogs play a big part in my life and even though they’re reliant on me, I don’t feel having a dog interferes with my freedom, which is all important to some water carriers. The dodgy ankles Aquarians can be afflicted with might be a problem though!

Some famous Aquarians ~ Tom Selleck, Paul Newman, WS Maugham, Alice Cooper, Charles Darwin…and now me ;-)"

It's never a bad time for a picture of Paul Newman!
....and here are two people who (according to DuckDuck Go Images) are Tom Selleck and Alice Cooper! Hmmm.....Not sure what sign Robocop is.  Will have to look it up :)

Sorry, I just went off track in an unpredictable fashion - must be all that Aquarian influence!  Here are two famous water carrier writers with whom Cathy might feel in tune:

Especially for Cathy because she loves crime fiction ~ 
Aquarian writer Ruth Rendell

 ....and you don't get much more quirky than Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland!

You can follow Cathy on Twitter, then see all her reading choices and wonderful photographs, on her excellent blog, Between The Lines

Next up: A Chick Lit Cancerian!

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  1. Thanks so much, Terry :) Two great authors and the gorgeous Paul Newman! Is that really Tom Selleck?

    1. Yes, it really is!! I'll tweet it in the morning, I just wanted to get it all done now :)

    2. ....looking at it again, it might not be!!

  2. Replies
    1. I think it does, but the moustache is definitley suspect! It was Alice Cooper I was more sceptical about... I will change the caption!!

  3. Ah, Cathy, your need for your own space goes well with someone who loves books and dogs. I must visit your blog and look at your photos. Very inspiring! I happen to be quite a photography fan too! And yes, what yummy company you keep, not to mention the august presence of one of the queens of crime. Lovely to find out more about you here!

    1. Val ~ Cathy. Cathy ~ Val
      *Sits back and smiles with satisfaction as two of her favourite cyber people meet...*

  4. Great to get into the heads of all these authors. Oh! That does sound a bit spooky, doesn't it? But, being a bit nosey I am enjoying these posts.

  5. Hi Val :) and thanks. I like the company I’m keeping too!

  6. Hi Terry and Cathy - the quiet water carrier ... we all need those. We all fit our signs to some point don't we ... I think I might move a month and join up with you and Paul Newman! Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, are you a Pisces or Capricorn, then? If so, would you like to do a post? I daren't ask people at the moment because I keep getting the same signs (tons of Scorpio, Gemini, Leo and Sag!), but Pisces and Cap are two I am very short on! No worries if you don't fancy it, if you do just send me a DM on Twitter with your email address :)

  7. Hi Hilary :) You’d be very welcome!

  8. Hi Cathy, I am a Capricorn on the cusp of becoming an Aquarian so I think you and I have some blending of traits :-) Great to find out more about you this side of your blog!

  9. Hi Georgia, I think it’s very possible :)

  10. It's so lovely to read about Cathy, I can understand her traits as my middle son is also an Aquarius - he has a beautiful singing voice too, is that another water carrier trait? ;-)

    1. I don't know! Yes, I love reading about the people! :)