Wednesday 28 October 2015

The Z Files: blogger Steffany ~ Capricorn

Astrology ~ a bit of fun, a load of rubbish, or something to take seriously?

I invited around 70 writers/bloggers to write a piece about whether or not they're typical of their sign, and how its traits affect their writing life ~ if at all...

Has your favourite writer been featured yet?  Links to all previous posts at the end of this one :)

Struggling up the hill to my blog, today's contributor is Capricorn blogger, American ex-pat living in Scotland, Steffany.  Her blog is called Deep Greens and Blues (link at end)... it's a (quote) liquorice allsorts type, in other words, about all sorts of subjects; I like the TV and films bits!  And I love this picture she sent me of herself with a heron!!

Tell us about yourself, Steffany :)

"So I’m a Capricorn. Which means I’m meant to be a sturdy, reliable (even miserly, vain and pessimistic according to the word clouds, ouch! ;-)) type of person. When you hear that someone is a Capricorn I don’t think you naturally associate creativity with the sign. Which is odd, because there are an awful lot of Capricorn actors and musicians, and yes, writers! I was impressed to learn that some of my favourite authors are fellow goats:  from David Sedaris to J.D. Salinger, and perhaps less surprisingly, Edgar Allan Poe. I think this gloomy, macabre yet also funny, author probably fits the Capricorn stereotype better than most!

I was pleasantly surprised that humour came up as a Capricorn trait in the word clouds, because it’s not the first thing that comes to mind usually with my sign, and most Capricorns I know do have a pretty decent (if often dry!) sense of humour."

"As for me, I do identify with many of the traits associated with my sign; I am quite bookish and have always enjoyed writing. I think I express myself better on the page than in spoken word. Capricorns are often good listeners. We will sit quietly in the corner of a large group and occasionally come out with a good one liner to remind everyone we are there! I think this quality has helped my writing; I often seem to remember things that most people don’t.

Which isn’t to say I fit the Capricorn mould perfectly; I am not in the slightest bit organized, and can be a bit of a flibbertigibbet generally. I blame my Scorpio moon and Sagittarius rising! But I also think they are why I find astrology fun, most Caps seem to think it’s all a bit silly!"

"The “old before our time, aging backwards” association is another one I relate to. I was a pretty studious, quiet kid generally. And having turned 40 this year I finally started a blog, which is something I could have done when I was younger. But I think perhaps hitting the big 4-0 made me take myself a bit less seriously and feel braver about sharing my ramblings with the world. I do generally feel a bit more carefree these days than I did in my twenties, but that could just be a generational thing!

When someone says my blog made them laugh it really makes my day, because I do have the Capricorn tendency towards self-criticism and doubt over everything I produce. Capricorns are not natural attention seekers in life, which I think is maybe why we are drawn to artistic pursuits, where we feel less exposed, safer in expressing ourselves under guise of our creations.

One of the most pleasant discoveries I made in my authorial astrology dig was that A.A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh) was a Capricorn. There is such gentleness of spirit in his work that I think reflects an often unseen, sensitive side of the sign. His words are deceptively simple, yet full of heart and wisdom, often used at weddings and funerals when people are lost for words, which I think isn’t a bad achievement for a grumpy old Capricorn at all! 

“The things that make me different are the things that make me” -A.A. Milne."

Possibly one of the best analyses of the Capricorn personality I've ever seen!  I particularly like the bit about getting younger as she gets older ~ a little talked about goat trait. You can follow Steffany on Twitter and have a browse through her blog...HERE

Now, some famous scribbling goats...  Steffany's already mentioned some, but here are a couple of others, chosen to show that being a Capricorn is not all doom and gloom!

.... certainly not in The Shire!  Bet it took some Capricornian tenacity 
to produce all of JRR Tolkein's works, though.

Look!  Capricorns can do glitz and glamour as well!  
Author of all those blockbusters you read in the 1980s ~ Judith Krantz.

Who's next?  Taurus makes its second appearance :)

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  1. Great to read more about you, Steffany. I can relate to the carefree feelings that you describe after reaching 40. Wouldn't it be nice if we could tell our younger self to chill out as it's all going to be fine. I also love your use of flibbertigibbet, I think we should use this word every day in our blog posts!

    1. Ha, thanks Shelley! Yes I think a lot of us turn 40 and start feeling more at ease in the world :-)

  2. Hi, to a fellow Capricorn. Yes, isn't the word flibbertigibbet wonderful. I rate it highly, along with shenanigans. However, I have to confess *whispers* I've always said 'flippertygibbet' and didn't have a clue I was saying it wrong until today. Just shows, you never stop learning. :)

    1. Hi Wendy! It could be that they use the word more in Britain, I myself misspell words all the time!

    2. Definitely my error, but I'm not allowed to misspell words - I'm a proofreader! :)

  3. Thanks for including me Terry, the post looks great!

  4. A lovely look at one of my favourite signs. My two best friends ever are Capricorns. They both have a bit of the flibbertigibbet in them (LOVE that word!), but they are the most delightful people ever…one male and one female, so it goes for both. A really great post Steff. And nice to meet you too!

    1. Nice to meet you Valypee! I hope I am sometimes delightful! ;-)

  5. Hello fellow Capricorn and in true goat style I am already filled with self-criticism and doubt over the post that I've written after reading this :-( (T I might have to rework it!) This is a very good analysis and I recognise many of the traits in myself - great to meet you Steffany :-)

  6. Hi Terry - I see there's a few Capricorns here ... I recently found a twin in the blogging fraternity! I've been over and said hi on your deep blues and greens blog - love the title. I'm true earthy and practical and probably flibbertigibbet describes me too - doing lots all the time ...

    Cheers and I'm glad Capricorn came up eventually! Hilary

  7. Hi Terry, if anyone is looking for my blog I'm now at - sorry for any confusion but had to move!

  8. Hopefully I will send a few hits here/to the series Terry - just now getting around to blogging, Google +'ing etc. as I was on holiday when this went up ;-)