Tuesday 13 September 2016

Who is #Negan's victim? Your opinions, and some 'inside' (?!) info....! #TWD

*See John Cleese's 4 minute recap of Season 1-6 HERE!*

Last week I published THIS POST giving my opinions on the big question of 2016 ~ forget Brexit, we want to know who Negan kills!

Now, I think it's going to be Eugene because of the following: 
  • He gave Rick the recipe for the bullets
  • He did the 'not a dry eye in the house' bonding thing with Abraham
  • He's finally started to get his courage together, sadly too little too late?
I asked for comments and received them via the blog post and Twitter.... here's what others think:

Lydia thinks it's either Glenn or Maggie: 'it would also provide interesting character development for whoever is left behind.'
She agrees with me that 'the writers wouldn't dare get rid of Michonne, Rick, Daryl or Carl.  They'd lose way too many viewers and the ones that stayed would be furious!'

@SamTongeWriter, @TudorTweep and @ThatGirlGenius all think it's Glenn.
@DamianSomebody thinks it's a double - Glenn and Eugene.  Maybe a bit like Lord Shoog on The Apprentice, when he does a surprise second 'You're Fired', eh?

Soo thinks it's Glenn because 'it would bring the whole thing back into the comic book territory' ~ hmm! I haven't read that far in the comic books yet.

Anthony agrees with me that it's Eugene: "All that bonding with his AhBroham was a set-up for a fond farewell kiss from Lucille."

Shelley and her family think it's Abraham, because 'the whole him and Sacha bond is to make us feel all fuzzy and warm before they rip our hearts out!!'

Lynn hopes it's Carl because " 'cos if I have to look at his dodgy eye makeup again or that really infuriating haircut lurking beneath an even more infuriating hat...I shall personally take it upon myself to send one of my own undead around to sort him out!"  No!!!!  I love Carl! And speaking as someone who doesn't do teenagers, that's saying something!

Steffany hopes it's Sasha because she nicked Abraham off Rosita (I lay the blame more at Abraham's feet, but then if you fall out of love, you fall out of love....), but thinks it's either Abraham or Eugene; she thinks Glenn is too obvious.  As she says, though... 'Gosh it's all so confusing, it really could be (almost!)anyone! ;-0'

Karen and Julie from FB both think it's Glenn, and Julie thinks that 'the whole Eugene, Abraham, Sasha and Rosita stuff lately has been a total red herring.'

Now for some possible 'inside' info...!!

Machel says that based on a site called 'Spoiling Dead', it's two people: Glenn and Abraham. However, AMC knows about the site and have threatened them with a lawsuit, so if it's right maybe they will change it??? Hmmm!

Another person who has tried and failed to comment on my blog but happens to live very close to me (!) has told me that Ladbrookes won't take bets because the information is already out, and that according to his research the answer is that TWO people die in the first episode, the first being Eugene, and the second either Maggie or Michonne!

It had better not be the latter.... 

So, there you have it.  Any more comments welcome (I have fixed the reply problem and can now do so, and will update this post if there are some more opinions).... and roll on October!

No way am I doing a TWD post without a Daryl pic.... this one looks as if it was when he was looking at Buttons the horse (one of the saddest bits of Series 5).  Love the relationship between Aaron and Daryl, btw :)



  1. OMG it CAN'T be Michonne! She's epic! Interesting theories, Terry. I sincerely hope you'll be blogging after the first episode has aired - we'll all need a comforting shoulder by the sound of it :)

  2. I agree!

    Maybe... perhaps I might feel compelled to do weekly commentary! I usually wait until a whole series has been on then watch it all at once, but there is NO WAY I can do it with TWD ;)

  3. It's going to be Mullet-b... err, I mean Eugene. All that bonding with his AhBroham was a set-up for a fond farewell kiss from Lucille.
    Also, as far as I can recall mini-Rik was knelt at the end of the death-line next to Eugene and there was a shot of Carl being spattered in blood as Negan went to work.
    Could bre a red-herring to point us to Eugene, but I think it will be farewell to TWD's best hair (well, apart from Michone).
    Is anyone else routing for Negan this season?

    1. I usually always root for the baddies, in whatever I watch, but not in TWD!!!

    2. :) I think I will be cheering on the baddies in the first episode for probably the first fifteen seconds, until we find out who we have lost.... unless they start with Carol and Morgan first which will be too much tension to cope with.
      It will be great to have an arch-nemisis again in the show for our heroes to worry about. Let's hope it is not Daryl and/or Michone. That would be too much to take.

    3. Never will be, for the reasons specified in my original post - link at top of page!! Have a look if you haven't seen it, it will amuse you :)

  4. It looks like the same few names are popping up over and over again. I'm going to be very curious to see if they're right!

    Has anyone here kept up with the Walking Dead comics? I stopped reading them at around the same time Rick discovered Alexandria, so I have no idea what happened after that.

    Although the show diverted from the comics in several crucial scenes early on, so even knowing about the original story wouldn't necessarily give you reliable hints about what's to come.

    1. I know a few people who have, but have purposely not read past the current situation in case of spoiling it! I've only read up until about the equivalent of Season 2.

      I think the same few name things is inevitable!