Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Z Files: Catherine Hokin ~ Scorpio

Welcome to The Z Files!  I invited a selection of writers and bloggers to show how the characteristics of their star sign influence their work; the instruction was to treat the subject as seriously, cynically or lightly as they liked.
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"...vampy and dressed in scarlet like a souped-up Veronica Lake..."

Sneaking down a dimly lit alleyway in dark glasses, all the way to my blog, is Catherine Hokin ~ another deep, dark Scorpio!  I discovered Catherine via Twitter, she has an excellent blog called Heroine Chic (click for link) and, best of all, is bringing out a book about Margaret of Anjou in January 2016, which will go straight onto my to-read list!  (I've just discovered that Margaret was born under that fellow Mars-ruled sign, Aries.  A more typical female ram I couldn't imagine :)

So, Catherine, how is being a Scorpio writer working for you?

Bad Moon Rising
Scorpio - it is the best of signs, it is the worst of signs…

"Sensual, intense, deep thinking, loyal, philosophical...cruel, dogmatic, possessive, jealous. It’s a writer’s dream! To be honest I’ve always been rather proud to be a Scorpio – the female images are usually vampy and dressed in scarlet like a souped-up Veronica Lake. I also like the sting-in-the-tale aspect – sarcasm is only the lowest form of wit if you don’t know how to use it and I’ve always considered a sharp intake of breath and a slight look of panic as a compliment when I’m being ‘funny’."

"It wasn’t until Terry asked me to do this, however, that I looked at my writing in terms of my star-sign. It explains a lot – from my blog Heroine Chic to my short stories to my forthcoming novel, my work has Scorpio rising. My female characters are a bit twisted, very self-willed, always strong-minded – they do what is expected for as long as they can and then they rebel, that’s why I like them. Margaret of Anjou, the protagonist in my forthcoming novel Blood and Roses splits opinion like Marmite. Love us or hate us, I know which one is safer." 

S  Sexy
C Crafty
O Observant
R Ruthless
P Private
O Opinionated

I've got two self-willed, strong female Scorpio writers for Catherine!

Determined to get away from the image of women writing light romance ~ 
Mary Ann Evans, aka George Eliot...

...and ultra cool Zadie Smith 
(whose 10 Rules of Writing I love - read it HERE)

Follow Catherine on Twitter ...if you dare... and find out more about her book and others to come on her website, HERE.

Next Up: a very precise Virgo!

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  1. Great post! I do love a bit of well placed sarcasm. Lovely to read more about Catherine, I'm off to check out her blog and books now. :)

  2. I love sarcasm as well and am very much liking the look of Blood and Roses - great to read what you, and your writing, are all about Catherine :-)

  3. This is SO Catherine! Love it. (I was trying to think of some joke about her stinger tail but... I got nuthin that's not really, really disturbing.)

  4. Scorpios...hmmmm...I've been out with a Scorpio (intense), been royally shafted in business by a Scorpio (didn't see it coming), and had an up and down relationship with my Scorpion stepmum, so I guess I've seen a few aspects to one of the more absorbing signs, Catherine :-) Nice one...Mark

  5. This post was such fun to do and I am very much a Scorpio in all its guises!

  6. Proudly Scorpion, I was born in the year of the Dragon. I believe all the traits help me to write books that are edgy and emotional...just like we can be!

  7. Ah Catherine, I think I'm late here. I love scorpios. They are nearly always clever, bright and fun, but yes....watch your back, and they always have to have the last (barbed) word. As you say, better to love them, but I bet it makes for pithy writing :)