Saturday 31 October 2015

The Zodiac Files ~ Round Up

Fifty-six writers/bloggers (and one proofreader!) accepted my invitation to be featured on The Z Files, telling us how typical they are of their star sign, how its characteristics manifest themselves in the way they work and what they write about.

The feature runs from the end of August 2015, until the middle of January 2016 ~ two more to go, and I will take back some writing time!

Here's a quick run-down; just click the writer's name to see any article you'd like to read or revisit:)

~ The Fire Signs ~

Leo and Aries: Me, and Proofreader Julia
LeoRosie Amber,   Rose Edmunds,  Alex JohnsonAnne Goodwin
AriesTrisha Ashley,  Joanne Phillips,  Cynthia Harrison
SagittariusJan Ruth,  Adrienne Vaughan,  Rachel Amphlett,   
Wendy J LennoxKatrina Mountfort

~ The Earth Signs ~
TaurusJaye Dawes,  Valerie-Anne Baglietto,  Val Poore
VirgoHeather Burnside,  Louise Marley,  Elizabeth DucieBarb Taub
CapricornAnnie Lyons,  Wendy Janes,  Georgia Rose, blogger Steffany
Capricorn and Aquarius: Nicky Black

~ The Air Signs ~

GeminiJerome Dumont,  Norah Colvin,  Haydn Lee,  John Privilege,  Shelley Wilson
LibraJan Brigden,  Marcia Carrington,  Jennifer Ammoscato,  Tom Hocknell,  Joanne B
AquariusCathy Ryan,  Lynda Renham

 ~ The Water Signs ~

CancerEmma Gray,  Sarah Boucher,  June Kearns,  Katie Oliver,   
Mark Barry
ScorpioJudith Barrow,  Gemma Lawrence,  Stacey Garrity,  Gen Gannon,  Robert Leigh,  Catherine Hokin,  Jenny Twist
PiscesJulie Haiselden,  Lizzie Lamb,  Maria Savva,  Sacha Black

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, shared posts, commented, retweeted - and read!  I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have :) 


  1. Hi Terry - it's been fun ... and being a Capricorn it will be interesting seeing the late entries! Cheers and happy Autumn .. Hilary

  2. November 16th and 25th, and December 4th, Hilary - thank you! xx

  3. Thanks, Terry. I enjoyed this!

    1. Thank YOU for taking another look, Kat! I've got 2 more Sags, one on her down and the other as a 3-part one, and one booked who hasn't sent the post yet :)

  4. I've really enjoyed reading these posts, Terry. It's fun to re-read some of them too. I'm thinking of getting a 'Team Air' t-shirt printed ;-)

  5. I've so enjoyed these, TT, but I think you know that. It's brought everyone's sense of fun to the fore, and as you say, it's amazing how much they way they write the posts reveals. I loved reading about my fellow Taurean! At last, another bull amd she happens to be a Val! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much, Val, this sort of comment makes it so worthwhile! xx

  6. Thanks Terry, I will catch up and link to these posts via my blog as well when I'm back from holidays, right now have limited access!

  7. I really enjoyed all these, Terry. All written so differently - guess that shows something (dare I say our star signs do rule us in one way or another!?) Anyway, great fun and yet another way you found to amuse and enlighten us ... and introduce us to fellow authors. Thanks Jx

    1. Oh yes, they do, they do! Yes - I've really enjoyed getting to know a lot of new people, too! Just 5 more to go ... and then I get all that TIME back! :)