Sunday 20 October 2019

The Story of Daryl and Carol Part 1 #TheWalkingDead #TWD #TWDFamily #Caryl #DarylDixon

Daryl and Carol
Part 1: Atlanta to Alexandria

Fighting the good fight together for ten years 😍

From back at the Atlanta camp, right at the start, 
when Daryl gave her the axe to take out her pain on what was left of Ed....

...and he fought the Walkers outside the CDC, so that Carol and Sophia could get safely inside—because Carol didn't fight back in those days.

When Sophia went missing, he was more sure than anyone
that she would be found
He went out to look for her when he heard Carol crying in the RV

...and tried to raise her spirits with the Cherokee rose :)

Daryl goes out looking for Sophia and ends up getting shot by Andrea....

...and afterwards, Carol was the only one who could see that 
behind his bravado was his fear that he didn't measure up
He was with her when they found Sophia

....but afterwards took his failure to save her out on Carol.

By the time they reached the prison, six months on, 
Carol had learned how to shoot

...and had was taking her turn on watch 

Daryl found her when everyone thought she was dead,
after prisoner Andrew tried to sabotage their new home.

She was distraught when she heard Daryl had gone off with Merle

...and so happy when he came back.
(after all, look how far you've come😂)

As they got ready for what the Governor would do next, 
they talked about Merle's final heroic act. 

 Six months after the first fight with the Governor, both had become leaders in Rick's new prison community.

Then the virus hit, and and Carol was about to do the 
thing that would make Rick send her away.

...but then Rick banished her, and Daryl was furious. 

They would not see each other again for many weeks—
not until Carol lit the fuse that enabled the whole group to escape Terminus, and at last they were reunited

After Terminus, on watch, Carol won't talk about what happened to her and Tyreese on the road. Then they hear some strange noises—are the Terminus crew still tracking them?

While seeking sanctuary at Gabriel's church, 
Daryl tells Carol he wants a fresh start
He also tells her about the people who took Beth
—and then they see the car like the one that took her

Their trail leads them back to Atlanta, and to a women's refuge where Carol used to go, to escape Ed - and where he now kills a woman and child Walker, to stop Carol hearing their cries

....they escape Walkers with a hair-raising jump in a van

But all their efforts to save Beth are, ultimately, in vain

 On the road, after the church, Daryl finds it hard to come to terms with the fact that he couldn't protect Beth

Then Aaron arrives, and takes them to Alexandria.
Carol pretends to fit in, while Daryl is, at first reluctant.

...though after a day out with Aaron, and dinner with him and Eric, 
Daryl decides it's not so bad there after all

But both Carol and Daryl, with Rick, keep a back up plan (an off-camera one!)

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  1. I can't really comment on this here as I don't know it at all, but I'm fascinated at how you get these moving images. How do you do that??