Thursday 18 April 2019

A Thank You Letter from Judith Grimes #TheWalkingDead #TWDFamily #TWD

My name is Judith.  Judith Grimes.

...and I have a lot of people to say thank you to, for keeping me alive 💖

To my birth mom, Lori, for being brave enough to have me at all, 
in this dangerous world ~ and for sacrificing her life for mine, 
even when she was scared I might be a Walker.

To Aunt Maggie, for delivering me....

...and to Beth, Carol and Hershel for looking after me at the prison, 
when my Dad was going off his head missing mom, 
and working out how to fight the Governor.

To Carl and Michonne for finding the last remaining picture of
my mom, even if I never got to see it. 

And, of course, to Daryl for going out to get my formula when I was one day old, and for giving me the best name 😍

To Michonne, for not minding that I reminded her of Andre

To Beth for keeping me safe when the flu virus hit the prison

...and for taking me out farming 😉

To Mika and Molly for doing their best for me when the prison fell

and to Tyreese for saving me...

...and, with Carol, Mika and Lizzie, for taking care of me 
on the road to The Grove and after, 
even when poor, disturbed Lizzie could have made it go so horribly wrong.

...for saving me from Terminus Martin...

....and to him and Carol for bringing me back to Dad and Carl.

To Dad for making the right decision to take us north

To everyone for keeping me safe on the road to Alexandria

and to Carl again, the best brother 
a post apocalyptic little sister could have had. 

To Father Gabriel for taking care of me in his church
when the Walkers invaded Alexandria

To Barbara, Tara, Carol and Olivia for looking after me 
when Dad was busy fighting Negan

To Carl for thinking of me even in his last hours, for telling Dad to take me on those walks, too...

....and for making sure I kept the hat 🤠

To Tobin for taking care of me on the road to Hilltop 
after Alexandria burned

To Michonne, for becoming my new mom...

...and for teaching me how to paint. 

To Connie and her group for treating me like a grown up
(and letting me show Michonne I was right)

To Michonne for finding the toy Dad, and for always keeping him and Carl alive in our hearts...

...and for giving me a little brother

Even to Negan, for teaching me stuff, and being a worthy adversary 

.... and saving me from the blizzard

Most of all, to Dad, for loving me during the hardest of times...

....and being my real dad, even if he thought he wasn't

...for reading me The Wizard of Oz 

and for making sure I got to have a carefree childhood, just sometimes.

One day I will see you again... and maybe Lori-Mom and Carl too.


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  1. I'll be honest, Terry. I haven't been able to read this too closely in case of spoilers, as we watch TWD on DVD a few months later than you do on TV, but I think it is a wonderful idea to link Judith back to all those characters who have had an impact on her life. Judith is a key character because all the adults are focused on protecting her. As such, she is part of the moral compass.

    1. Thanks, Susanna - and boy, are you in for a treat when you see Season 9! Yes... this was a great way of bringing back some fine TWD memories :)