Thursday, 1 November 2018

Days Gone Bye ~ a tribute to Rick Grimes. Part 3. #TWDFamily #TWD #TheWalkingDead #RickGrimes

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He's gone, and we're ALL gutted...

A shattered Rick succumbs to Negan's control at first,
so that no one else will be killed.

Michonne accepts his decision, though Carl isn't convinced....

But Negan goes too far, when he kills Spencer and Olivia.

....and Rick agrees that the time has come to fight back.  A great reunion with the escaped Daryl, and the gang go forth, with a plan....

First, they must gather an army
and keep Daryl safe for now, in the Kingdom

Jadis and her Junkyard crew are more problematic, but Rick comes out smiling.

In the meantime, weapons must be amassed, deals made - some with unexpected new friends...

...and Rick and Michonne have a mini-break at the fair.

Jadis and the Scavengers turn up to fight ~ and she has demands of her own....
'I lay with him after'.  Rick's not so sure...😂

But he's confident that they can win, until Jadis double-crosses them, 
and Negan is back in charge... for now.

Next comes all out war... but before that a walk with Carl

...a meeting with old friend Morales, no longer so friendly, and Rick comes to blows with Daryl over strategy.

The plan starts to work, and Rick gathers evidence 
to persuade Jadis to change sides yet again.

But then everything stops when he loses Carl....

Michonne is with him after Carl dies, the two of them alone at Alexandria after it has been almost destroyed in the war with Negan.

Back to Hilltop to make plans, and see Judith.

A car chase after Negan, and he and Morgan come together again, doing things they would never have done if Duane and Carl had been alive... but still he can't read Carl's final letter to him.

But there is still Michonne...
and finally he reads the letter, and Carl brings him back.

The war comes to a close, at at last.

And Rick's mercy prevails over his wrath

Bringing forth his new world?

But too many problems still exist...

...along with a few happier moments.... in another life, perhaps.

Bye for now, Rick.  It's been a blast.


  1. Nooo....😥😥loved your blog Terry! I am not quite the die hard fan I used to be (only last season) but your blog reminded me how much I have always loved Rick Grimes
    .I hope he lives somehow that possible?

    1. I think Season 8, or at least the first half, was the worst season so far - on watching them all again since! I liked S7 loads more on the second watch, though Ezekiel is a bit too silly for me, and I didn't like the Jadis crew - But I felt that S8 really picked up in the last few episodes, and the whole Jadis things seemed not so silly at all when you found out why she started that group. I love S9 so far. I will always be a die-hard fan - I look at it this way. With your favourite authors, bands, whatever, there are always some books/albums you don't like so much as the others. I'm so glad these posts reminded you of how much you love Rick, ha ha!!! Me too - and I haven't lost hope that he won't die!!!!