Sunday 2 December 2018

#TheWalkingDead * GIRL POWER! * #TWDFamily

That time when....

Carol saved everyone from being blown to smithereens at the CDC

...and was the hero of the hour at Terminus.

One gun shot from Beth stopped Glenn and Merle fighting at the prison

 Michonne saved Andrea, and Andrea saved Michonne

Francine sorted out Tobin, who would have left her to the Walkers

Michonne sussed out the Governor...

....made short work of Crowley and Tim when he sent a party after her...

....and fought off Walkers outside the prison, with an injured leg.
Rosita showed a Saviour that yeah, she knew how to use it...

...and took Primo down.

Maggie worked out the best way to kill helmet-wearing Walkers

Tara offered to sacrifice herself so that Glenn could find Maggie 

Carol was the master of manipulation at Alexandria

Cyndie saved Tara when she was supposed to kill her

Michonne fought off a herd on the way to find drugs for the ill at the prison

Carol showed Jed and the renegade Saviours who really was Boss Lady....

Maggie delivered Judith

Deanna made the most of her last minutes

Beth showed Dawn Lerner who was boss, just for a moment...😢

Carol displayed zero tolerance for violent husbands

Olivia showed Negan just what she thought of his suggestion

Rosita attempted the big kill

Carol saved Alexandria from the Wolves
Maggie told Gregory who was boss

Sasha and Rosita mended their differences and went off to finish Negan
Sasha made the ultimate sacrifice...

Enid faced starvation and did what she had to do

Jessie finally understood that you kill or you die...
...and dispatched a Wolf in her nice middle class kitchen

Andrea told Ed how it is....

...and in the end got real, to try to warn the prison group about the Governor
Carol made short work of Savior Jiro and his group on the road

Michonne had no sword but still managed to off two Walkers at once
...and wouldn't let the weak Alexandrians stay in the woods to get killed

Let us not forget the newest warrior :) 

 And finally....



  1. My favorite, I could kill you with my eyes closed! Carol favorite woman warrior. Loved Sasha😩, but she went out as a warrior woman in the end! Fun blog. Andrea seems so long ago. Saw her on the Americans.

    1. Yes, I love that one! Yes, re Andrea - and she was with Jenner, too!!!!! I think I tweeted about it at the time. Love The Americans!

  2. Brilliant!! I agree with Machel, it seems like ages since the days of Andrea and the Governor. Carol is my fav kick-ass heroine of all time (after Buffy lol). Whenever you think she's just going to stand back she comes through with a brutal finale - burning the bad dudes alive has to be my fav lol.

    1. Michonne is my no 1, but I love Carol too! She does indeed, and she's so quietly clever, that's what I like about her.

      Andrea and The Gov don't seem so long ago to addicts like me who watch it over and over, but since the time jump it all seems like it was a different world now. Glenn and everything. Sad!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post! They are and were all very strong women on TWD. Do have my personal favorites of course. I absolutely adore Carol! She's come such a long way and I love how she can play that innocent card to her advantage. I hope to be someone like Carol if a zombie outbreak would happen but I'll probably be torn apart in the very first days *look at the flowers*. Sasha was amazing and it was so sad that she took that pill and didn't even get to take a bite out of Negan. I would've loved for Andrea to have a longer TWD life. She trusted the wrong person but up until the end I still hoped that she'd make it out and re-join Rick's group again. Don't know why they've kept Tara because I think she's soooooo boring....I look at her and think...zzzzzzzzz......Michone is bad ass and she truly is a warrior. Judith has learned from the best! Great post Terry! Such a treat on a dark rainy evening.

    1. It was such fun to do, Anniek! Yes, I like to think I'd be a Carol...!!

      I didn't massively warm to Sasha, but was totally 'yo respect' about her. I love Rosita; I think there's so much more to her than just snarky bitch stuff. I felt so gutted for her about Abraham, and loved that she finally opened up to Sasha. Me too, re Andrea! She wasn't so bad; she was just scared, needed love, and made mistakes. Agree re Tara - so boring, and irritating. Totally convincing character, too. I thought Francine had potential, but sadly she got killed at the start of Season 8. But yeah, my favourite is Michonne, with Carol a close second!!