Wednesday 31 August 2016

The last 53 #AugustReviews ~ and a summing up, and big thank you!

"If everyone who read this posted one book review on Amazon...."

Another big thanks to Barb Taub for her larvely graphics!
This is the final collection of #AugustReviews!  

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So did it 'work'?  My aim was to get readers who have never thought about reviewing before to start doing so, and to stir into action those who keep meaning to ~ there were 292 reviews posted, so we did fairly well.  And LOTS of people said that it had got them reviewing when they hadn't got round to it before, so it's all good!  

I really hope the 'first timers' will carry on - reviews ranged in size from the smallest which was just five words long: no book blog or specific literary expertise needed in order to say you liked (or weren't so sure about) a book.  The average, however, was one short paragraph.  I find that the best time to review is when you've just read 'the end', when it's still in your head; so go on, log in and write those two lines, it's your good deed for the day!

A big, big thank you to everyone who has reviewed, retweeted, re-blogged, shared on Facebook, or supported in any other way ~ please excuse me for not listing you all, but so many have been so generous in their help that if I did the only response would be, "Which of those ten Janes is supposed to be me?I'll have a go: a big round of applause for Rosie, Cathy, Cathy, Catherine and Cathy, and Carol and Carol, and Wendy, Wendy and Wendy, and Sandra, Stacey and Tom, and Mairead, Mary and Barb, and Mr Meerkat and Blooming Brilliant Books, Judith, Judith, June and Jane and Jenny, and Elizabeth, Liz and Lizzie, and Ella and Elle and Emma and Dan ... and Crystin, Olga, Karina, Shelley, Steve, Mark, Alison and everyone else!

To everyone who posted blog reviews: thank you for joining in, and it's appreciated (especially by the authors whose books you were reviewing, I imagine!) but I haven't included them on my #AugustReviews lists because book blogs isn't what this is all about, for the reasons stated in THIS and each previous and subsequent post...

Right, that's me done ~ I have a new book to write :) 
In the meantime, here are....

...the last 53 reviews, posted from August 26-31

Hall of Fame Part 1 HERE
Hall of Fame Part 2 HERE
Hall of Fame Part 3 HERE
Hall of Fame Part 4 HERE
Hall of Fame Part 5 HERE
Hall of Fame Part 6 HERE 

Elizabeth Ducie reviewed As The Crow Flies by Damien Boyd (crime)

Mark Barry reviewed Kill Line by Robert Leigh (call centre guy on murder spree)

Stacey, Nia & Teresa (Whispering Stories) reviewed:
The End of the Roadie  by Elizabeth Flynn (crime)
Friends At Forty by Angie Dickerson (humour, romance)
Curious Minds  by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton (lighthearted mystery)
Arctic Dawn by Karissa Laurel (urban fantasy)
D G Kaye reviews Wake-Robin Ridge by Marcia Meara (ghosts, romantic suspense)

Sandra Danby reviewed:
The Last of Us by Rob Ewing (post apocalyptic)
Don't You Cry  by Mary Kubica (psychological drama)
Somewhere Inside of Happy  by Anna Mc Partlin (light contemporary fiction)
Dark Aemilia by Sally O'Reilly (literary historical)
Curtain Call  by Anthony Quinn (1930s murder mystery)
Mary Smith reviewed Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid (romcom)

Wendy Unsworth reviewed:
The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison (dark psychological drama)
Stranger Child  by Rachel Abbott (thriller)
Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline (thriller)
I reviewed Atomic Number Sixty by Dave Johnston (novella, humour)

Judith Barrow reviewed
Bedsit Three by Sally Jenkins (psychological thriller)
Currents of Sin by Arlene Alleman (thriller, human trafficking)
Portraits of the Dead  by John Nicholl (goodreads review as not yet available on Amazon: thriller

Cathy Ryan reviewed
You.I.Us by Annalisa Crawford (short stories)
Morrighan by Mary E Pearson (YA post apocalyptic novella)

Olga NM reviewed Orphans of the Carnival by Carol Birch (biography)

Wendy Lennox reviewed
Half A King by Joe Abercrombie (YA Fantasy)
Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe (non-fiction, Japanese culture)
E L Lindley reviewed Glossolalia by Tantra Bensko (psychological suspense)

Rosie Amber reviewed:
The Six Train to Wisconsin by Kourtney Heintz (psychic thriller)
Pop Travel  by Tara Tyler (Light Sci-Fi)

Cathy Murray reviewed
Three Graces by Cait Nolan (emotional drama)
Chosen Child by Linda Huber (psych thriller)
Round and Round by me (novella ~romance/supernatural/parallel lives)

Val Poore reviewed:
A Hilltop on the Marne by Mildred Aldrich (WW1 letters)
The Summer House by Marcia Willett (family mystery)

Judith Webster reviewed Ice Blessed by Crystin Goodwin (YA Fantasy)

Liz Lloyd reviewed Anywhere The Wind Blows by Jenny Lloyd (no relation) (historical)

Deborah Jay reviewed The Angel of Death by Elicia Hyder (psychic/ghosts)

Beth Carpenter reviewed The Life She Wants by Robyn Carr (Goodreads review as not available on Amazon until September) (light women's fiction)

Tom Williams reviewed The Cauliflower by Nicola Barker (religious/historical)

Mairead Hearne reviewed:
Breaking Dead by Corrie Jackson (thriller)
Jacques by Tanya Ravenswater (coming of age)

Brittany Foor reviewed The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith (dark fantasy)

The Happy Meerkat reviewed:
Doing Germany Book 2 by Agnieska Paletta (comedy travel memoir)
Blood Moon by Kimberly Connor (Vampires)

Dylan Morgan reviewed Magic-borne - The Crown of Stones by C L Schneider (epic sword and sorcery fantasy)

Jenny Worstall reviewed:
Helter Skelter by Della Galton (romance)
The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce (adventure)
The Serial Dater's Shopping List by Morgen Bailey (chick lit)
Thrift by Phil Church (humour) 
The Griffin Cryer by Julia Hughes (fantasy)

Geoff Le Pard reviewed:
Tales From Null City by Barb Taub (urban fantasy)
Raven's Gathering by Graeme Cumming (scifi, fantasy)
Willful Avoidance by J T Twissel (fictionalised true story)

and finally......

Sha Armstrong reviewed
Blood and Roses by Catherine Hokin (historical - Wars of the Roses)






  1. That's a great achievement, Terry. Huge congratulations to you for organising and coordinating such a mammoth task. Let's hope the reviews keep rolling in. :)

  2. Well done Terry and thank you for organising, running and collating it all.

  3. Terry, you have done brilliantly. I have one more review to post but I'm going to a conference this weekend so it will have to wait. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Well done, Terry - what a challenge and what a response. Back to writing now?

  5. Well done Terry, you've done a great job with this and I've loved reading all the reviews :D xx

  6. Fantastic, TT! Really great project and well done! I hope it keeps the momentum going!

  7. Excellent, Terry, you put so much work into this. Great to have a way of reminding people of the value of reviews.

  8. Thank you , Terry for all your encouragement and for keeping tabs. Liz but I have also been Lizzie & Elizabeth like my namesakes!

  9. Brilliant idea. Reviews are so important to us, I can't emphasise that enough to readers. Please keep reviewing (and I will as well.)

  10. Thanks Liz, Rosie, Anne, Anonymous, Judith, Shelley, Lizzie, Val, EL ~ I have found I can reply to blog comments if I log in via another browser!