Monday 13 March 2023

Coming soon - Book #1 of my new series #CoverReveal #TuesdayBookBlog

Good morning, and here is an update!

Plan is to publish Infected on June 25th, and Book #2, Darkness on the same day or very shortly afterwards.

Infected will be just 99p or equivalent, permanently, whereas Darkness will be the same price for the first week, after which it will be on sale for my usual price of £1.99.   

~ The Blurb ~

'Every time someone gets bitten, that's one more of them and one less of us.'

 SFV-1: a virulent virus that sends its hosts into a state of extreme rage and ravenous hunger.  When it attacks the UK, 127 people are infected within the first hour.

 London wife and mother Cat is taking part in TV reality show Year Out, on a remote Scottish island.   Her world turns dark when the TV crew fail to arrive for the monthly health check—her one lifeline to her family is now broken. 

 Completely absorbed in the commission of a lifetime, artist Norah ignores what is taking place outside the safety of her studio, until the virus reaches her hometown and a shocking event jolts her back into reality.

 Lion, a stressed out marketing consultant, is enjoying a month away from his hectic online life in northern Cumbria when he encounters a worrying sight in a nearby village.  Is it some kind of zombie?  It can't be, can it?

The books are shorter than my usual novels; my other publications are all around 90-105k words, but Infected is 53K and Darkness around 62k.  Book #3, Reset, is my current work-in-progress, still on the first draft. Though a continuing story, each part depicts distinct phases in the characters' lives, and I will provide a 'story so far' piece in Books #2 and #3, as I always do.