Tuesday 26 December 2023

Boxing Day Walk



Yesterday I ate half a Betty's sticky toffee cake, approximately 10 biscuits of the chocolate and shortbread variety, and about 765 Quality Street, so today I breakfasted lightly on two boiled eggs and strode out, while I could still get out of the front door.

While I was trying to get a closer shot of this ivy, I leaned too far forward and fell into the holly bush.  I mean properly fell, in the dirt, and had to scramble out.  Two people walked past as this happened but neither of them offered to help - I wonder if they thought I was drunk?! 😁

This was the action shot taken as I fell... 😆

Anyone lost a parrot?  Or two parrots?  They're actually ring-necked parakeets, usually only seen in southern England, but occasionally seen elsewhere if escaped from captivity.  

🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄 🌞🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄