Saturday, 10 August 2019

Beautiful Cromer #Norfolk

August 5th ~ 9th.  I went back to Cromer, where I used to live, for a few days.  Missing it already.....

If you've read my book Tipping Point, you might be interested to know that Shipden, where the virus first breaks out, is based on Cromer, which was originally called Shipden-juxta-Felbrigg.  More about its history here.

I always loved going for walks early on summer mornings, 
when there is hardly anyone about.

Love the narrow streets....

I made this plate in 2001 for Breakers Café's then-owner, when I lived there; three owners later, it's now older than some of the girls who work there 😁
The food is and always was first-rate, by the way! 

(It is called the Seagull café in Tipping Point ~ as for Lawrie and Gemma, who owned it... I admit a slight resemblance, apart from the fact that they're both alive and kicking 😉)

For four years I lived in a flat in the white-ish building at the end of this photo.  Lovely morning views :)