Tuesday 30 August 2022

The Isle of Arran #3

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Last post of photos from a wonderful week on the Isle of Arran, courtesy of dear Barb Taub :)

Earliest walk I managed - about seven in the morning on the Thursday.  Threw hoodie and leggings over sleeping clothes, and out I went to catch the views.

Yes, swans in the sea!

One night, in the kitchen, Georgia, Judith and I were discussing how we could manage to just stay there.  Being people who work out plots, we invented various domestic emergencies that might prolong our stay, then I suggested we sabotage the ferry so return to the mainland was impossible, at least for a while.

We planned to dress all in black with ski masks in the middle of the night when we creep out there to cut wires and blow up stuff (we weren't quite sure what).  Then it occurred to me that, if seen, a canny sleuth might give us away, thus:

 'I heard someone asking, in a distinct Yorkshire accent, if she was cutting the right wire.'
'I think they were ladies of a certain age; I heard a few mumbles of 'ooh, me knees'.'
'One of them kept saying she'd lost her glasses.'
'The black catsuits they wore did look a little 'snug' on them.'

We are still working out the finer details....

Had to go out in the afternoon, too - you can see why I didn't get much writing done!

Seven in the morning, just before we left (sob)

It was a truly perfect week - many, many thanks to Barb for making it all possible, to Georgia for patiently driving us everywhere, and to all of you for the excellent company, great food, and the joy of spending a week with four lovely friends with whom I can discuss the ins and outs of this writing thing without their eyes glazing over!!  

Also reiterating how fab it was to meet Judith and Darlene for the first time.  I hope so much that we can all meet again - and next time I'll prepare something a bit less slapdash for my writer discussion thingy!!   I won't let my Imposter Syndrome get the better of me!!  Might even perfect my vegan chilli in the meantime - and Barb, please order 6 x as much gin & lemon ice cream ;)

Monday 29 August 2022

The Isle of Arran #2


First post HERE 

(explaining what I was doing there, etc!)

Arran: Part 2

Wednesday late afternoon - I was about to get dinner ready (we took turns) when I saw the view from the window and had to squeeze in a short beach walk :)


Judith, Georgia and I spent one afternoon driving the circumference of the island.  Georgia said she would stop whenever we wanted to explore/take photos.  I kept having to stop myself saying 'Here!  Stop here!' or we'd still be driving round there now.

This is where old Coronation Street characters go to retire 
(I'm sure I saw Mike Baldwin jogging past....)


Lochranza Castle

The Twelve Apostles, Catacol
Each of these twelve fishermen's cottages had a different upper window so that when the men were at sea, their wives could light a candle in the window and each man would know which house was signalling.

At Brodick Castle.

Georgia's face: 'You'd better not be taking a photo of me...'


I love this photo of Georgia and Darlene, and I've never known anyone wear pillar box red as successfully as Darlene :)

This majestic gentleman refused point blank to pose for photos.

I can't help wondering if when Georgia and Judith said, 'It looks great, buy it' about this hat, they were actually pulling my leg... 
...probably not best worn with multicoloured leggings...

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The Isle of Arran #1


Last week I spent a wonderful 6 days at the 'I wish I lived there' house of hostess-with-the-mostest Barb Taub on Arran, along with Georgia Rose, Judith Barrow and Darlene Foster.  Yes, it was a writer's retreat, but it was also a chance to explore the beautiful island and have some excellent chats over lush meals and alcohol.

I'd previously met Barb several times and Georgia once, it was great to meet Darlene for the first time, and I was particularly excited to meet Judith - we've been in touch online for years. Happy to report that she is a delight and we fell into step immediately, as did we all, with each other.  A truly unforgettable week, and thank you all so much!

Georgia, Judith and me getting blown away on the ferry to the island!

Cheese and biscuits and the best gin & tonic I've ever had, on arrival :)

My first morning walk :)

Each morning one of us would host a session to discuss various aspects of writing and publishing, such as writing a series, settings, covers.  These were jolly fun - and we all learned a fair bit, too!

Best take-away food van ever - French cuisine!!  
Waited while it was cooked...

....and took it to an appropriate picnic spot.

Eventually, I get the hang of selfies in the mirror.

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