Tuesday 13 December 2016

Rick's Back!!! #TWD #The WalkingDead

Yes, our fearless leader is back on form! :)

Wasn't it great??  Having watched the mid-season finale last night, I absolutely cannot wait for the next half. :) It took longer than we wanted, but the fighting switch has been flicked back to 'on' ~ and if it meant Sneaky Spencer having his guts spilled all over the pool table to get Rick back on form again, so be it :) (ps, how did Deanna and the charming Reg get to have two such ghastly sons?)

Didn't you love seeing the old gang together at the end?  Minus Eugene, Carol and Morgan, of course, and those sadly no longer with us.  (btw, what has happened to Heath?)

I certainly had a damp eye or two at the end reunion (forget 'feelgood' films, that was what I call 'heartwarming'!!), though not for Spencer.  Shame about Olivia, though ~ and the red haired Saviour who Michonne killed...talking of which, I notice that they've moved on to another stage.  Michonne knew she had to kill the Saviour to keep safe, so it was done.  Just like that.  Daryl could have just threatened the fat guy who caught him trying to get away; indeed the old Daryl would probably have let him go.  Just as he did with Dwight.  Lessons learned...

So what do we think will happen next?  These are some of my predictions:
  • The clans will come together to fight Negan, of course, and I expect great things of Ezekiel's soldier who went to see Carol, and his fellow horsemen.  And surely soon the Saviours will start getting sick from the walker-fed pigs :)
  • At some point, Tara will say "Hey, I know where there's a whole heap of guns."
  • Gregory will get snitty about being ousted by Maggie and popular opinion, and will betray them all.
  • Dwight and his Mrs will end up fighting against Negan, but Dwight will die. Possibly a moving moment, with some sort of bond forming between him and Daryl, I reckon.

Meanwhile, back with our group...

....look, I know Daryl is MINE, but I could just about deal with it if he got together with Rosita.  She's beautiful and completely awesome, but feels lost, and the poor chap hasn't had a shag for a fair few years (I did some quick calculations and worked out that it's around 3 and a half years since the outbreak, though indeed Carl appears to be at least 6 years older!).  Then again, there's always Dwight's Mrs... and who will snap up Jesus?  Surely he is too lush to go begging for long...  oh, and then there's the little used and rather palatable Scott, the one who got shot in the ankle by runaway Sturgess when he was trying to get back to Alexandria with Michonne, Glenn (sniff sniff), Heath, et al, in Season 6.  I saw him in the background when Spencer was enjoying his final moments, so maybe he'll get some more lines soon!

I can't wait to see what clever plans Rick and co will come up with.  I expect they may botch up a few times more before the season ends.... and I doubt very much whether it will be the end of Negan.  Like The Governor, he is too good a baddie to get rid of straight away ~ and I also think Simon, played by Stephen Ogg, should not be overlooked.  A bit less pantomime than Negan.

 And let us not forget this....


  1. BEYOND excited about the mid-season finale!! I actually cheered at the end ha ha. As you know, I've had a crappy few days and this made me grin from ear to ear. I welled up when Daryl and Rick hugged. Can't wait to see what happens. Def think the gangs will unite. I reckon Carol will jump into the fight at the very last minute to save Daryl! Exciting stuff - can't wait until Feb.

    1. Oh yeah, I welled up as soon as they all walked through the gates!! Aha - yes, nice idea re Carol. Yes yes yes.... it could be that, that makes her realise that being with people you love and sometimes needing to kill for them is worth it... (hey, shall we write this stuff?)

    2. Ha ha, absolutely! We could start a spin off show! ;)

  2. Great post, Terry. Thanks for including me in the original tweet. Were you as glad as me to see Spencer get his guts carved out? And I'm glad Rick's bad ass side has returned, should make for an interesting second half of this season. Rick and Daryl's bromance reaches a new level. So sweet to see. Haha.

  3. Needed this. Mid-season breaks are cruel. Saw Rick over Christmas in Love Actually - bit of a contrast. Daryl was on my Secret Christmas wish list, of course. Sure he'd be delighted!

    1. You can have him next year, I've bagsied him for this year!!!!