Monday, 7 May 2012

The power of positive thinking

A certain rock star said, in his autobiography, that when he started out he just kept telling himself that he was a rock star, kept behaving like one, dressing like one, until, one day, he became one.

I've just read a tweet in which someone claimed to be 'the author taking Amazon by storm'.  When I clicked on the link to have a look at this storm, I found that the book was at number 51,000 +.  Yeah, they're really queuing round the block for that one, aren't they?

Then I realised that this claim had made me click on the link, and also take a brief look down the reviews.  Perhaps not such a daft thing to claim, after all?

Still didn't buy it, though.

This seems like an appropriate opportunity to mention my fab idea.  I want to open a bowling alley and advertise it as having "hundreds of lanes".  I shall call it "Hyperbole".

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