Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cover Reveal!

Isn't it lovely when you see the cover for your new book for the first time??!

Apparently Mr Fussy Artist has still got some tweaks to make, but this is more or less it!  

I love it, it's got just the feel I was looking for - a bit like a fairy tale.

Here's the blurb again (that will have some tweaks before publication later in the month, too!)
(I wrote a post about what gave me the idea for it, HERE)


Four Valentine cards – from four different men!

Sophie Heron’s fortieth birthday is looming, and she is fed up with her job, her relationship, her whole life – not to mention her boyfriend’s new ‘hobby’, in which she definitely doesn’t want to get involved…Back in 1998 she had the choice of four men, and now she can’t help wondering how her life might have turned out if she’d chosen differently.The person to whom Sophie had always been closest was her beloved Auntie Flick, her second mother, friend and advisor. Before her death in 2001, Flick said, “when I’m up there having a cuppa with St Peter, I’ll have a word with him about making me your guardian angel, shall I?”

As Sophie’s fortieth birthday draws near, she visits her aunt’s special place: a tree by a river, hidden from the world. Here she calls on Auntie Flick to show her the way forward – and help her look back into the past so she can see what might have been….

I'm getting excited about it now!!


  1. So am I - and am pleased that you elected not to end your post with the phrase 'woo hoo'.

  2. Go girl! Looks fabulous and there's every reason to be excited! Good luck with launch! Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa, you're most kind xx btw - I think I love that different photo of you but can't see it big enough!!!!!

  3. It's fabulous - it has got the fairytale vibe going on. The blurb has me hooked as well - it sounds like a cracker.

  4. I realised that it's actually the lettering that turns it into 'fairy tale' - it's very 'once upon a time'!

  5. Beautiful cover Terry, can't wait to read it.

  6. Hi Terry,

    Congratulations on your new book!

    The cover is beautiful, and looks like a very interesting story!


    1. Thanks so much - I think you'd like it, actually!!! :)