Saturday 25 April 2015

Cheap as chips!

Just a quickie to let you know that, for anyone who hasn't got it but would like to give it a go, Kings and Queens is now on a Kindle Countdown offer for only 99p/99c, lasting from Tuesday 28th April to Monday 4th May.

It's a contemporary drama about the life and loves of property developer Harry Lanchester, told through the eyes of the women in his life, and is a 20th/21st century retelling of the story of Henry VIII

It's got stacks of really excellent reviews (and no, I haven't got that many friends!).  A while back I wrote a blog post with a few excerpts from some of them; it's HERE

You don't need to know anything about history to enjoy it; it can be read just as a contemporary drama.  For my test readers, I chose one who knew absolutely nothing about the period, not even the names of all Henry's wives, to make sure it stood up convincingly. 

The sequel, Last Child, is also now available. 

Thank you for your interest!