Tuesday 26 December 2023

Boxing Day Walk



Yesterday I ate half a Betty's sticky toffee cake, approximately 10 biscuits of the chocolate and shortbread variety, and about 765 Quality Street, so today I breakfasted lightly on two boiled eggs and strode out, while I could still get out of the front door.

While I was trying to get a closer shot of this ivy, I leaned too far forward and fell into the holly bush.  I mean properly fell, in the dirt, and had to scramble out.  Two people walked past as this happened but neither of them offered to help - I wonder if they thought I was drunk?! 😁

This was the action shot taken as I fell... 😆

Anyone lost a parrot?  Or two parrots?  They're actually ring-necked parakeets, usually only seen in southern England, but occasionally seen elsewhere if escaped from captivity.  

🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄 🌞🎄🌞🎄🌞🎄


  1. There are loads of parrots in the park in Brockley, you can't help but notice them not only because of their colour, but you can hear them squawking.

  2. Sounds like you had a delicious incentive to take that walk Terry... and terrific photos.. Sally xx

  3. Oh Terry, how shabby that no one helped you up when you fell. I'm a bit shocked that they could watch you floundering, no matter whether they thought you were drunk or not. That aside, your photos are lovely and I hope you managed to walk of those 765 chocolates. You might find there are a few more parakeets soon if those two are there. We have thousands of them at the university and also in the Hague. They don' half breed quick!

    1. No doubt down to the climate crisis (wink wink). Still trying to get out of the chocolate habit!!!