Tuesday 21 August 2012

Things that make me go GRRRRR

I don't experience learning curves, I just learn things.

I don't pop across to the dentist's chair, your blogsite, the checkout, or indeed anywhere else - I just go there, okay?Similarly, medical people, do not just pop the needle into my arm, or ask me to just pop my clothes off, right?

Neither do I simply pop things into the oven, despite the instructions on the back of various foodstuffs.  The words 'put' and 'take' are fine; we don't have to be all pseudo-chummy about this.

When I have any experience that lasts a while, or decide to do something new, I am not going on a journey, unless I am, during this time, for instance, catching the number 27 to Morrissons.  

I have changes in my life, but they are not necessarily sea changes.

I may be pleased about something, but I most certainly do not *do a happy dance*  or, if triumphant, *do a victory dance*

I make guesses or estimates, I do not make guestimates.

When I worked as the Accounts person in an engineering firm, I was not a number cruncher.

Can't I want all my book covers to look similar without creating a brand?

I imagine all teachers make a difference every day of their lives, they don't have to make a song and dance about it.

I prefer to get together and discuss things with people, rather than touch base.

That stuff around my waist is not curves, it's fat.

I can really love doing something, get very enthusiastic about it - obsessed for a while, even - but I haven't suddenly started to describe it as 'my passion'

I don't source, gift or growth things, I do not task people to do anything, and I would certainly never birth or parent.  Why not?  Because they are nouns, not verbs.

I will never, ever attend a webinar.  I might look at an online seminar, though.

I laugh a lot and I am probably slightly unconventional in outlook, but I am not quirky, sassy, kooky, and please strike me down the day I become bubbly.

I will send you a message on Facebook, I will not inbox you.

When I talk about something that used to happen in the past, I will refrain from using the term 'back in the day'.

Anyone who tries to sell me a few olives, nuts and seeds in some crappy container and calls it a graze box is at risk of getting it shoved where the sun etc etc.

I do not have tipples, I have drinks

When I find something particularly enjoyable to eat or drink, I say 'Mmmm', not nom nom nom.

...thank you to Sarah Vogel for reminding me of this one - if I want something in a shop I say "Please can I have", not "can I get...", one of the many things that sound okay when Americans say it, but awful when English people adopt it.  Dude.

There are many, many more, and more will be added, unfortunately, as time goes on, and these will be adopted by many, too, alas......  


  1. Oh Terry, you are a breath of fresh air. Fresh air free from buzz words and nonsense. Love your post and your outlook. Mwah!

  2. And I must read your new one - I shall do so within the next hour!! mwah back! we #rawk

  3. Fun post! And fun finding each other on Twitter. THANKS.

  4. Yaay - a lady after my own heart. Rant on, sister!!!

  5. Damn, I thought you were all haughty looking with platinum blonde hair, too!!! I am filled with delight at how many people agree with me about all these...!!

    1. That's my avatar - ie the cover of my ebook. Love it so much I use it. Actually, under neath, I AM haughty with platimnum blonde hair, you just caught me on a bad day.

  6. Thanks for following my blog, Carol. Such as it is. Yeah, yeah, I know - the real me looks like a young Catherine Zeta Jones, without arthritis or Michael Douglas! (I mean, it's my arthritis I'm without, not hers, or indeed Michael Douglas's)

  7. You would hate to hear me speak! I grew up on Clueless and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have unintentionally adopted a lot of Americanisms.

    I've never even been to America!

    I imagine it sounds weird with my South London accent!

    (New Follower)

  8. ha ha! Sam, I say all sorts of things in a bad American accent, though I refrain from saying everything is 'awesome' like most people under the age of 25 do these days!! But I do say 'kinda' and 'dude' and 'hell, yes', and lots of other stuff like that.

    I love a good Saaarf London accent! My sister used to live in Kennington & Camberwell.

    Thank you for following my blog - always amazes me when people do, so cheers, Ms 5a5a5am!! :)

  9. Hi, Terry:

    Wow, a list after my own heart.

    My mother would have LOVED your commentary on the word "pop." She was a Journalism professor at a university and for many years, she put out a monthly newsletter filled with jobs in related fields. Often, people would call and want to see a sample. They would ask her to just, "Pop one in the mail." And yes, the word "pop" is so often used to lesson the task that you are asking one to do. In my mother's case, there was no mailbox in the building and not so easy to "pop" it. It just made her crazy.

    I proudly say that I have never used "nom nom nom" or "inbox you." Ugh!

    And yeah on the curves … I've never used that word for fat in my life.

    Another thing that bugs me, which is not one specific word, but it's when people have pet words and use them so frequently that you hate the word just for that reason. I once knew a guy who loved the word "quintessential." He was at my house once for a small get-together, and used it 5X in the conversation about five different things. I don't think I've actually used in five times in my life, except to talk about this guy.