Monday 22 July 2013

Deep gratitude.....

..... I found out last week that my first novel, You Wish, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the eFestival of Words 2013 - in the best chick lit/women's lit category.  It's 'women's lit' rather than chick lit, incidentally, though it does have chick lit elements! 

This is the official logo I was sent to display, ha ha!!

I don't know who nominated my book for this, or exactly who decided it should be in the final, but I am very, very grateful to those who did - and to the ten people who have voted for it so far!  If you have read it, too, and would like to vote, here is the site. You do have to register with the site, so it's not just a matter of clicking a button, alas, but apparently it's not too much of a hassle!

Anyway, this is a big thank you to everyone who has bought this book over the past 20 months, and taken the time to give it such wonderful reviews - I appreciate it very, very much indeed.  Oh - here's the book, too!


  1. That's fantastic news, Terry. Well done! And as someone who has read and enjoyed You Wish, I think it is very well deserved. I'm off to vote now :)

  2. Fabulous news, Hone! Huge congrats:))

  3. Thank you muchly, Jane and EL!! (One day I might learn your name.... or will I???)

  4. Well done! That's great news. I wish you every success. I also wish I'd read it so I could vote for you too :-)

    1. Then congratulations to you for not doing that thing I hate - voting for me anyway!!!!! I hate it when people ask for votes for things in tweets - I actually get people tweeting to me directly asking me to vote for things like that when as far as they know I haven't even read their book - or doesn't that matter these days???!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Many, many thanks, K! I'm now coming second, hurrah!!!!