Thursday 20 August 2015

Ten questions I need to ask about UNDER THE DOME!

I've been watching this ludicrous how-far-can-you-really-suspend-your-disbelief,  entertaining Stephen King TV fantasy romp on Amazon Instant Video, and I'm pretty hooked, in an 'okay, it's total garbage but I love it' kind of way!  

I'm up to Episode 2 of Series 3, and have some questions to ask (some of which may be answered when I carry on watching....)

1.  How come when Norrie slipped back into her real life from her alternative reality, she got to keep the alternative reality hair extensions?

2.  How come Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim Rennie, has lost all his acting skills since playing Hank in Breaking Bad?  (or is he hamming it up on purpose because he knows it's a load of rubbish..?)

3.  Why, in Series 3, has Big Jim suddenly started to call Julia 'Red'?  He never did before (Scriptwriter 1:  "Hey, don't baddies always refer to women with red hair as 'Red'?  Like that psycho bloke did with Gillian Darmody in Boardwalk Empire?"  Scriptwriter 2:  "Shit, yeah, we overlooked that one.  Stick it in now, no-one will notice").

4.  How has Junior Rennie suddenly gone from being a bit of a twat with rubber lips, to totally hot?

5.  Why is it that apart from the 10-15 lead characters, scarcely any of the townsfolk have any opinion to offer about anything, and just follow Barbie/Julia/Jim like mute, brainless sheep?

6.  Why has Barbie, who seemed like a pretty sincere and deep-thinking sort of guy, suddenly rejected his great love, Julia, for a dream about Ava, prettier face and bigger tits though the latter unquestionably has?

7.  How come the mega-irritating Rebecca Pine was able to pronounce that Pauline was bleeding internally at just a glance, even though she was but a high school science teacher and had no medical training?

8.  How many more times do we really need to see that cow being sliced in half?

9.  Was Big Jim shagging Rose from the Sweet Briar Cafe?

10.  And the biggest one of the lot - WHY doesn't anyone in the town ask the gruesome 40-year-old-Botox-face-with-70-year-old-neck Christine Price, these three things:  Who the hell are you?  Why do you think you're in charge around here, huh?  And more importantly, why are we all doing exactly what you say?

All will be revealed - or probably not!!!


  1. I have another one for you - how come everyone in the town seems to own a Microsoft Surface RT tablet?

    1. I assume you have noticed in the credits that it's 'sponsored in part by Microsoft Corporation'!

  2. You made it as far as series 3??? I'm about 3/4 through series 1 at the moment and has been pretty addictive in a total trash sort of way, but I was about to stop as it's getting too silly. But now I've seen that picture of Junior I might have to keep going! I thought he was pretty hot in series 1 apart from the rubebr lips but now - wow! And I can never get enough of that cow being sliced in half, but where are its intestines?

    1. Ha ha! I like this comment very much! Yes - 'pretty addictive in a total trash sort of way' absolutely sums it up. I have to find out what happens now, though. I am unashamed about my poor taste in late night viewing :)

  3. I got as far as the season break in season 3 before I admitted defeat and realised I hadn't a bloody clue what was going on...I do think Stephen King lost the plot a while ago then and find myself scratching my head at a lot of his stuff lately

    1. Oh yeah, it's just got too silly. I could hardly even be bothered to watch the last few. :)