Tuesday, 2 May 2017

If Twitter had been around in the 1980s... (Part Four)

.... what would some of my Twitter friends looked like, and been tweeting about?

To see what we're up to 30 years on, just click the user name above the picture.

More youthful faces and Yuppie restaurants in Part One  HERE
... big hair and lack of jowls in Part Two  HERE
... Levi ads and pixie boots in Part Three  HERE

Alison Williams @AlisonW_Editor 

#FridayNight: Black hat? Check.  Black make-up? Check.
See you after the black hours....
(btw, am not a Thompson Twin)


Trisha Ashley @trishaashley

Pregnant, barefoot but not in the kitchen!  My #artwork on the wall; post-birth, do I take A Leap Of Faith and concentrate on #art, or #writing? 


Barb Taub @barbtaub

Where did these come from?  Aren't I supposed to be a high-flying journalist? #amdreaming about a no-kids trek around India....


Sarah Boucher @saraheboucher

Am hoping my fairy godmother will magic me some new shoes 😍 .... the modern day fairytale#SixYearOldShoeaholic


Rose Edmunds @RoseEdmunds

Life Goals:
Be Sleeping Beauty
Be Famous #Writer
Wear pyjamas most days.
Yes, all at once.


Val Poore @vallypee

That was me, thinking I'd never wear school uniform again... #ProperWritingJob
I WILL live on a barge one day, I will, I will....


Terry Tyler @TerryTyler4

What a great way to see out the 1980s: meeting Steven Tyler on Saturday, November 25th, 1989! 

..... and I'll leave you with a few more, just for laughs.  First one is Proofread Julia and me, in 1984 😂😆😅

 I think this one was at the beginning of 1983 
(I had my first blonde highlight in 1984!)

 Julia outside my shop in Northampton, in 1984

 ...and a very early 1980s one - think this was taken in April 1980

Might think about doing a 1990s one some time......


  1. Oh blimey! Love the thoughts of Barb and Rose in particular. And if Alison isn't a Thompson Twin, she must be in Bananarama.

  2. These photos are wonderful! Love the rock chick pic and the others are great! Barb with her babes, Alison, Rose, Trisha and sweetie, Sarah. This was such a special idea! As for you and Julia, well...wow!! :)

    1. I just wish I could go back to then and make all the right decisions, Val... ;)

  3. Great pics once again, could def see Alison on TOTPs.

  4. These have been great fun to look at, Terry. You do have some brilliant ideas for posts. (by the way- sent for a new scanner!!lol)

    1. Ha ha! If you get one, I shall add it - I often rehash posts and repost old ones that have been popular :)

  5. Fabulous photos!! I do love Alison's gorgeous not-Thompson Twin impression :-) And Barb, blimey you have your hands full there! Very envious of your Steven meeting too T :-D

    1. I think Alison is deffo the star of this one!

  6. Fabulous post, Terry - thanks so much for putting this together, was a great excuse to dig out some old pics:) The whole series of posts has been so interesting and fun to read!

  7. Replies
    1. Twice, Cee....!!! You'll like this: my sister Julia got to know the fan club and ended up running the European branch in the 1990s, so she met them many times. They were really nice, by the way - just like normal guys.

  8. What fun! Thanks all of y'all!

  9. OMG! You met Steven Tyler!! What a fab photo too. Loving these posts, Terry x

  10. Great flashback photos. With dark hair you look like your mother, Terry.