Monday 5 March 2018

Review: #TheWalkingDead S8:10 THE LOST AND THE PLUNDERERS #TWD #TWDFamily

Review of Epsiode 9: HONOR

What a terrific episode!  Definitely one of the best this season; I loved the format with the named sections.  Great idea, hope they do this again.

The handprints discovered by Michonne as she packed to leave
Michonne's pre-titles part was so, so sad, as she and Rick packed up (not forgetting the orange backpack) and said goodbye to Alexandria, looking back at the Walkers roaming through the roads of burnt out buildings, where once kids walked dogs, Deanna planned expansions and Rick punched Pete's lights out, in front of half the community.  Even more sad than Hershel looking back at his lost farm...

Carl's grave
Michonne tried to save the gazebo from burning because Carl used to sit on the roof, apparently, though for me it had a sadder memory: when Noah met Reg Munroe over oatmeal to discuss architecture in S5:14 Spend, little knowing that he would get eaten by the Dead in a revolving door later that day, and Reg was soon to get his throat slashed by the aforementioned Pete.

'This is the beginning...'

But back to the present ~ how much do you love that Negan doesn't know that 'perpetually-pissed-off' Gavin and his gang are all dead?  A group has already been sent out to see what's afoot at the Kingdom.  So good to see the main man out of the loop for once, and with only the arrival of Maggie's '38 more' boxed gift giving a hint that his army might be failing.  I suspect that the newly rebellious Simon is soon for the chop, or certainly will be when Negan discovers that he offed the Scavengers rather than implementing standard measures.  Talking of which....

Simon shows Jadis and Tamiel who's boss

The Walker Scavengers about to fall into the Super-Mega-Zombie Masher

... I have never liked or been that interested in that particular group, but I so enjoyed seeing the 'real' Jadis and finding out what she was before, why she was there, etc.  Yeah, it wouldn't have hurt Rick to take her with him, but you can see why he didn't.  Maybe he might have done if he'd known about her Super-Mega-Zombie Masher ~ let's hope Negan doesn't discover it first, as I am sure it must have another part to play, it's too good a bit of kit to only show once.  Wasn't there something a bit pathetic about Simon still talking the talk to Jadis and her crew?  Even though he killed them all, you got the feeling it was a last, desperate show of strength.

Jadis alone

Meanwhile, Aaron and Enid are still with that other not-very-interesting group, Oceanside, knowing nothing of the latest events back home.  I had to smile; once again the lovely Aaron tried to discuss matters in a reasonable, middle class and intelligent fashion, only to discover himself chained up and threatened, just like in S5:11 The Distance, when Rick wouldn't listen to him, either.  I note that Saviour-in-Waiting Rachel was eager to kill both him and Enid; I'm sure Negan can make use of her. 

'Why won't Cindy listen to my perfectly reasonable proposal?'
'Um, Aaron, I killed her grandmother.'

And so Rick and Negan talk.  Yes, the latter did seem truly sorry about Carl, but we must not be swayed ~ if ever you think he's starting to seem more human, remember how he smiled and made jokes when he killed Abraham and Glenn.

...and ditto when he killed Spencer!

I think Andrew Lincoln has excelled himself since Carl's death.  The despair on his face is so convincing.  I wonder when we're going to get to hear the contents of all Carl's letters? 

Incidentally (for TWD obsessives only!), I love that thing they did in this  ~ showing a scene, i.e., Rick and Michonne turning up at the junkyard to find no one but undead Scavengers, and Rick stepping in the blue paint, then turning back the clock to show how it all came to be.  They did this in S4:10 Inmates, when Daryl and Beth are making their way through the woods after the fall of the prison, and find lots of clues as to what might have occurred along their path before.  We're then taken back a few hours to show how Tyreese, Lizzie and Mica trod on the grapes, left fresh blood on foliage, saw a guy get bitten, etc.

Such a good episode ~ I felt we're getting near to some resolution at last, and hopefully on to the next phase in Rick and co's lives; maybe even the odd happy day when things start to work out, before the next foe appears?

After the credits I watched the excerpts for next week, which looks like an absolute belter - Daryl, Rosita, Dwight and co on the road to the Hilltop, with dangerous Walker-filled watery crossings, Tara pointing a gun at Dwight (my guess is that she won't do it just yet), a feverish Gabriel and Dr Carson on their own journey, Maggie starving her prisoners, Enid crying (why?) and Eugene making a bullet ~ who for?  I really don't like to wish away my days, but...! 


  1. Interesting outlook from Scott Williams, commented on Twitter:

    'I'm so happy the show seems to have got a second wind ☺️ Great review- I'd put 8x10 in my favourites from the whole series! Jadis and the garbage peeps were defo the standout for me- from a nameless faceless black mass of nothing to mounds of human paste' 🙈

    'I think Simon is next on the block, but I also think negan will do it too late, there'll be some sort of half-arsed mutiny and it'll be the saviour's undoing. Tho I do think he knows- he's so cocksure that even when he knows someone is conspiring, he waits, bcos he's intrigued'

  2. ...and more opinions from Andrew Dee, also via Twitter:

    'Do you think Negan knows that Simon disobeyed him in killing all of the junkyard gang? They made a BIG play of Negan telling Simon to kill just one. In which case Simon is meeting Lucille!'

    'Gavins dead & if/when he kills Simon he ( Negan) becomes very isolated & probably more paranoid. What do you think of Rick totally ignoring Carl's wish for peace? I guess Rick thinks there is no peace with Negan alive.'

  3. Have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the first half of this season, but things are definitely back on track. Loved the Jadis section in particular and Michonne's got to be my favourite character. Can't wait for next week :)

    1. I think Michonne is my favorite female character in any TV show ever! Yes, the Jadis bit was great, and I hope this episode has brought back some of the people who think the series isn't as good as it used to be.

  4. Okay, I've caught up now and OMG what an episode! Fab! Loved the walker bits too as we haven't seen much in the way of zombie action for a while. Simon's going to be in SOOO much trouble when Negan realises what he's done. Loved the Jadis bit as it stripped her bare and we saw the raw emotion in her normally dead inside character. I was almost swayed by Negan at the end - there was a tear in the eye! He was genuine in his 'grief' as he'd only just been telling Simon how Carl was 'made for this life'. Looking forward to next week.

    1. Yes, but he's only genuine in that he wanted to mould Carl into his lieutenant - his 'grief' was genuine, yes, but warped!! I know the writers want us to start feeling a more human side, but I wonder if this is leading up to a big shock at the end, when we are reminded what a psychopath he really is.... you read it here first!

      I am sure Simon will die a horrendous death! Thanks for reading and commenting as ever, Shelley xx