Sunday 4 March 2018

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The Walking Dead
5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Excellent crime drama series (Netflix) ~ in New Jersey, a 15 year old boy is mowed down by a rookie cop whose superiors advise him to drive away and say nothing.  The boy dies, though it is proven that he would have lived if the alarm had been raised straight away.  The boy is black; this explores not only corruption in the police force, but colour prejudice, too.  It's very good indeed; I'd say that if you loved The Wire, you'll love this.  There weren't many actors I recognised in it, it's not one of those Big Name series, but it's so worth watching, I was totally gripped, and hoping so much that it was popular enough for a second series!

4.5 stars

Just watched Season 2.  Okay, it's a bit OTT, and not very historically accurate, but I do enjoy it.  About the life of Louis XIV, the Sun King.  Lavish, dramatic and showy ~ I'd say that if you loved Showtime's The Tudors, you'll love this.  George Blagden is very un-Athelstan in it ~ it's great fun, with lots of handsome chaps and great frocks to look at!

4 stars

Netflix series.  A surprisingly good find ~ family drama, darkly comedic, centred round the autistic teenage son.  Oh - not an autistic child, but a child with autism; I liked the way that the mick is taken out of politically correctness and buzzwords in the parents' group.  Stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rappaport and Keir Gilchrist as Sam - he's terrific.  Really hoping they make more!

4.5 stars

Film, about US figure-skater Tonya Harding and how she battled through lack of money, conflict with her mother who supported her and put her down in equal measure, marriage to a violent redneck and the prejudices of the skating world powers-that-be, to qualify for the Olympics ~ all of this leading up to her alleged co-operation in the much publicised attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan.  By the end I felt really sorry for her, though I bet she was delighted to be played by the fabulously beautiful Margot Robbie.

4.5 stars

By the way... I watched this a couple of years ago, just saw something about it and remembered it.  Terrific film for all post apocalyptic and survivalist addicts like me!

4 stars for The Survivalist

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