Saturday, 11 September 2021

Last Days of Summer #2: September 8th, Tynemouth

Previously: Last Days of Summer #1

I love Tynemouth - the ancient priory, vast beaches at low tide... more about the priory HERE, if you're interested.   Also, nice gifty shops.  I spent too much money :)

That's me :)

Many interesting gravestones of military and naval officers 
and their families...
(about the Battle of Corunna HERE)

*Taking-selfie-elephant-arms syndrome*

(btw, if you've read my books Lindisfarne and UK2, this is King Edward's Bay, where Seren and Hawk landed before riding up to Lindisfarne)

Julia doesn't do sand.  Her stance above reminded me of our father waiting patiently while we splashed around in the sea, when we were quite small.

This was Dad with my brother in 1964.  
He never took his shoes off on the beach either :)



  1. I am my father's daughter! A lovely day, Terry, and the only thing I would add is a picture of the Grey Gardens lounging robes, if only we had them!

    1. I wear it as we speak!! I know - by the time you come up next it will be too cold for them, but we definitely need pictures!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Terry. A ruin, arched windows & an interesting gravestone. What more could you want?

    1. Oh, there were so many, Liz!! I took quite a lot of photos of them :)