Wednesday 19 January 2022

Durham: January 18th


~ 🏰📚🍵🌳🏰 ~

Spent the day in Durham as it's near where I live, 

also where my sister Julia went to university in the 1970s :)

The obligatory photo with the Sanctuary knocker outside the Cathedral!
 In the past, those who had committed an offence such as murder in self-defence or breaking out of prison could rap the knocker and would be given 37 days of Sanctuary within which they could try to reconcile with their enemies or plan their escape.

When Julia was here in the 1970s, women were only allowed 
in the snug of this pub!  Only 47 years later the very thought is ludicrous.

😄  Uni Students Are Puffs, apparently!!!! 😄

Julia outside her old college, St Cuthbert's

Me going up to Castle.  Alas, only guided tours/pre-booking allowed.  😕

In a very overgrown churchyard.  Don't know who the sad lady is.

Above the place where the Venerable Bede's bones are laid.

St Cuthbert's shrine.  Monks carried his body to Durham from Lindisfarne, in 995.  Over the years many pilgrims laid gold, silver and other treasures there.  In 1537, when Henry VIII was on a mission to acquire all wealth of the country for himself and his nobles, he nicked it.   What a git.

In years to come, I shall say, 'Ah yes, January 19th 2022.  
The day I appeared on Twitter with no eye make-up.'  


  1. Lovely to see you 'Gals' out and about.

  2. Lovely post, TT. The winter sunshine is gorgeous and Durham looks spectacular. What a cathedral and castle! And so much history. I've never been there, but I think I'd love it. It looks as if you and Julia had a grand girls' day out!

    1. We did laugh about how we were sitting in Durham Cathedral handing each other toffees, like old ladies, instead of hitting a bar!

    2. That's made me laugh too. I cannot imagine either of you ever looking like old ladies, though. Nothing in your demeanour and style would ever put you in that category, and probably never will!

  3. Love this, Terry. Looks like you both had a great time :)

  4. Wow, gorgeous photos. Haven't been there since the 1960s.

  5. Great photos, Terry, and what a fantastic piece of history! I'm actually writing a thesis on the proverbs that were written down in a manuscript at Durham Cathedral. I should really go and visit it sometime!

    1. How obscure, yet how fascinating! Julia and I sat on a pew and ate toffees in the cathedral, like the old ladies we are :)