Tuesday 22 February 2022


Meet romance scammer Nico Lewis ~ and his victims... 


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Basic genres/themes: 

  • Psychological Drama/thriller
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Romantic Con Artist
  • Mystery/Conspiracy
  • Murder
  • Betrayal
  • Publishing Scam


'I can be anything you want.  Even if you don't know you want it.'

Café owner Kate is mentally drained after a tough two years; all she wants from her online chess partner is entertainment on lonely evenings, and maybe a little virtual flirtation. 

She is unaware that Nico Lewis is a highly intelligent con artist who, with an intricately spun web of lies about their emotional connection, will soon convince her that he is The One.  

Neither does Kate know that his plan involves women who seek love on dating sites, and his small publishing business.  A host of excited authors also believe Nico is about to make their dreams come true.

Terry Tyler's twenty-fourth publication is a sinister psychological drama that highlights the dark side of internet dating—and the danger of ignoring the doubts of your subconscious.



  1. I can see many readers interested in this novel, Terry, especially with your inside knowledge of the industry. Wonderful cover as well. We are all looking forward to it already. Keep us posted!

    1. Thank you so much, Olga - actually, your comment has helped me see that I've weighed too heavily on the publishing scam side - that's just a sub-plot. So I'm most grateful, and will now give it a tweak!!

    2. Always happy to be of help! Keep us posted!

  2. Replies
    1. It's back to the collapse of civilisations again soon, but I just fancied something different!!! :D

  3. Don't think I have ever considered chess as relaxing, but then it is how each person's mind works.

    1. No? I get totally lost in it, makes me switch off from everything else :) I've never considered whether or not I find it 'relaxing' as such, but now I think about it, I was the same when obsessed with sudoku; I enjoy mental challenges!

  4. Sounds brilliant, T! Looking forward to it.

    1. Thank yooo! I feel impatient to get it out there now!

  5. Oh my, TT, love the title, the cover and the blurb! I'm looking forward to this one already!

  6. Let me get at it!!! Sounds brilliant.

  7. This sounds like a goodun! I'll be watching out for it!