Wednesday 30 August 2023

A Wonderful Week on the Isle of Arran - Part III

Part 1 HERE


Time to go home... 

View from my room at 6 am when we got up, in order to catch the 8.20 ferry.


A sad farewell to Barb and Dusk

I am not a dog person at all, but I loved Dusk!!

So lucky to have such a glorious morning on which to travel :)

Until next time...


  1. How absolutely lovely, TT. I know it's after the fact now, but I hope you had a special birthday too. My guess is it was while you were away. I'm glad you made friends with Dusk. What a gorgeous dog!

    1. No, my birthday is in early August, so spent with my dearest! We all adored Dusk. Georgia tried to steal her and put her in the hatch-back bit of her car before we left, but Barb sussed it out because we'd left all the suitcases behind to make room for her.

      True story. Lol, as they say!! ;)

      As a former sheepdog, she would try to round up the cats. It was hilarious!

    2. Dusk sounds like my Polly. She'd try and round up anything if there were more than two of them. She got us into all sorts of trouble.

  2. Lovely to see Dusk being a part of the adventure.

    1. Thank you, and for taking a look at the pics! xx