Sunday, 16 December 2018

My Top 20 Most Read Blog Posts of 2018

My blog tells me that I've written 54 blog posts this year - I'm surprised! I decided to do my own Top 20 after reading Tom Williams' 2017 - a year in blog posts

The highest viewed of all are One for the Road, which I wrote in 2013, about alcholism; this is my most viewed post of all time, followed by a walkthrough for Plague Inc video game, How I beat Fungus on Mega Brutal, which obviously has something of a niche audience!  However, this is the top 20 of posts I've written this year And no, they're not all about The Walking Dead 😉; this is how the top 20 breaks down:

My books: 2 
Advice for new writers: 4
Miscellaneous/domestic/humour: 6
TWD: 8

I've put them in reverse order because I love countdowns; please click the title of the post if you would like to read more.  I wasn't sure whether or not to add the view count as I know most people don't mention this - is it a bit like broadcasting how much you earn??!  But then I thought it would be interesting for other bloggers, particularly those new to it, as an indication of the type of posts that get viewed the most.  
Here goes:

20. They Turned...: (Gif post) 734 views

18. This Is Why I Shop Online: 774 views

17. LEGACY is LIVE! : 794 views

15. Unmotivational Quotes: (picture post) 814 views

8. Review: The Walking Dead S8:16 Wrath: 960 views 

7.  The Park on the 28th: September: (photo post) 1011 views 

6. Ten Miscellaneous Tips for Debut Writers: 1147 views

5. Ten More Tips for New Novelists: 1321 views

4. 7 Myths That Can Hold New Writers Back: 1325 views

3. Now Live: UK2 : 1406 views

2. Three Mistakes New Writers Are Still Making : 1508 views

and my most viewed post of 2018 is....

 1. The Good and the Bad of Fifty-Something 



  1. I think this shows that a variety of posts may well attract a wider audience. But I also know how supportive of other bloggers you are, so that help build visitors if they return to your blog. Plus you have worked hard on Twitter, which is a great example to us all. Congratulations these are post to be proud of.

    1. I don't really think of myself as being particularly supportive of other bloggers, Rosie; I see others that share everyone's posts all the time. I don't - just the bloggers who are kind enough to review my books, and anything I find particularly interesting! And I do Twitter because I like it! But yes, you're right - a wide range of posts will attract more readers, I suppose - for instance, someone who clicks on to read a TWD post might think 'that looks interesting, too'. But all of it is happy accident, really; I never devised a strategy!

  2. You work as hard with your posts as you do with your books, Terry. Well deserved view counts.

    1. Funny, as I said to Rosie, I don't consider that I work hard at it. I don't even blog every week. I only do so when I have something mulling around in my head that I really want to write about!

      As for the view counts, I don't know what's high, low or in between - because, as I said, it's kind of like what you earn; something people don't talk about! The post about alcoholism that I mentioned has had over 22K views. Other times, I might review a book, not tweet it (I don't tweet reviews that are less than 4*), and it will only get 120 views.

  3. What a great mix of posts! As a fellow blogger, writer, and TWD fan I guess I can say I've visited all of the above LOL. It always surprises me how the odd ball posts I share on my author blog are always the most popular. It just proves the point that our 'audience' might enjoy our books but they equally love it when we are ourselves and share real stuff, interests, and fun posts. Looking forward to another great mix in 2019 x

    1. Your support for my stuff is always much noted and appreciated, Shelley! And you're so right; it's often the 'oddball' posts that get a lot of views - look at the unmotivational quotes, that I cobbled together in 15 minutes after a conversation on Twitter! I think people like gif and picture posts, too. I know I do!

  4. Impressive view counts! Single posts don't tend to get that high on their own, so well done! :)

    1. Not quite sure what you mean by 'single posts'? Intrigued! Thanks for looking, Cee Arr - and I never know what are good view counts and what aren't!

    2. I mean like... the posts on their own. Instead of like a monthly count for the whole blog or whatever... no grand conspiracy or anything! Just me being awkward with stats ;) I'd say anything over 200 views on one post is amazing! :)

    3. Oh, I see! I do have a whole blog count on the top right hand side - I was going to celebrate when it got to 3/4 mil, but it passed me by without my noticing!

      I think one of the reasons I get a lot of views is simply that I have a large amount of Twitter followers, C; and I've been doing it since 2012. It just builds up, over time.

  5. What a fun post. It's always interesting to see what gets the most attention on a blog. I'll be sharing something similar on my site at the end of this month! Is this your first year doing this sort of thing?

    1. I did one in 2015, Lydia - I actually didn't remember, and looked back after I'd seen your comment, to see if I have! The view counts were MUCH higher then; I think it's because for 6 months I ran this feature about writers and their star signs, and posted three times a week, and the blog was getting shared by writers all over the place; it was a VERY popular series. Took over my life at the time - I enjoyed it very much but was glad when it was over, too!

      Now, though, I may only post once a week to review TWD, or, when it's between seasons, like now, I may go 3 or 4 weeks without posting anything, so my blog is not the 'constant' that it used to be. Interestingly, though, I sell twice as many books now as when my blog was getting twice as many views, which has got to prove something, though I haven't decided what!!

    2. ps, do tag me in your post when you tweet it at the end of the month!!