Sunday 8 September 2013

My impressions of the Strictly Come Dancing premiere last night...

I wrote this last night as I was watching it, and it was originally posted on entertainment site The BizzNiz - which has regular updates on all the reality shows, soap spoilers, etc!

Here they are…. I see Mark Benton’s wearing a blonde wig….oh no, sorry, that’s Vanessa Feltz… Sophie Ellis Bextor looking fabulous… are we sure Ben Cohen isn’t one of the professional dancers? Abbey Clancey looks amazing, but Fiona Fullerton…. that dress is for someone twenty years younger and two dress sizes smaller. She’s a great looking woman, why do they have to dress her up like some X Factor dancer? Give her a bit of dignity!

Right, the couples… who’s going to get hunky Artem??? Promise I won’t make too many ‘murder on the dance floor’ jokes about Sophie… whoa! Lucky Natalie’s got Artem!!! And Deborah hasn’t done too badly for herself with Robin, either! Bad luck Pasha… Rachel Riley’s a bit boring after the divine Kimberley Walsh last year….

Nice bit of Aerosmith…. first thing that strikes me about Jessie J is that she doesn’t look or sound anything like as incredible as she does in the music videos on the Viva channel…

Wondering if all the professional dancers are crossing their fingers they don’t get the ‘joke’ celebrity contestant! And I wonder if when they do that ‘celebrity reveal’ thing, they think “I only know who about half of them actually are”, like the rest of us!!

Two guys thinking, please don’t let me get Vanessa Feltz, please don’t let me get Vanessa Feltz…

Think Susanna Reid is going to win the prize for ‘most irritating’ – but never mind that now, because here’s the fabulous Rod! Wonder if Jessie J will still be around in over 40 years time – I think not!

Aha, now it’s Louis and Flavia – the man who turned it into Strictly Come Gymnastics last year – well, Kimberley should have won!! Love that doctor dance though.

It’s the moment they’ve all been waiting for …. who will get the pleasure of spending 3 months in a sweaty armpit’s reach of Dave Myers and Mark Benton? Though Ben Cohen, luv, you can sweat over me all you like..! And how delighted Karen looks with her hairy biker….not!! Two girls left – one of us gets the hunk, one of us gets…. !!!

Wasn’t the group dance fabulous? Dear little Tony Jacklin! And it looks like Natalie Gumede could win it already!

Roll on the kick off later in the month - who will you be rooting for???!


  1. I have to say I did watch the beginning but more from a 'can't be arsed to get up and turn over' point of view and then when they murdered Aerosmith, I decided enough was enough and I had to turn over. Vanessa Feltz dressed as Cher? My eyes! Where's the eye bleach? I must admit I'm more a Dancing on Ice fan although I didn't watch beyond the first programme last season as my man, Matt Evers partnered with Pammy Anderson, was out after the first week. It was my way of protesting. I don't think anyone noticed.

    1. Vanessa Feltz as Cher was on a different programme, but I couldn't resist the picture! Have to say I agree about Walk this Way... yeah, the ones I want to win never do, either. Last year I was rooting for Kimberley Walsh all through it as she was spectacular, and so charming and not-Cheryl-Cole-like, but of course the Olympic bloke had to win it, because of the Olympics. Sooooo predictable!

    2. I think I'm very jaded (see what I did there?) about these kinds of programmes now, the same with 'talent' shows. They tend to be more like popularity contests and that makes me sad. Remember Michelle McManus?

  2. I mostly watch it for Artem, who is enough to make a grown woman cry. I agree about Fiona Fullerton's dress - why didn't she say, I'm not wearing that, give me some more choices? And Vanessa Feltz is just so ridiculous I don't even want to write anything about her.

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