Sunday 30 November 2014

Book reviewers wanted!

Do you enjoy reviewing books after you've read them?  If so, Rosie Amber needs you!

Rosie runs a very active book blog with all sorts of features ~ do take a look (link further down).  A very busy section is reviews from her book review team, which is currently a bit on the snowed under side.

If you would like to join the team, there is no heavy commitment needed.  All she asks is that you read your chosen book within a month of receiving the review copy from the author, and post the review on at least two sites (usually or, depending on the nationality of the author, and Goodreads).  There is always a long and varied list of books to choose from - you simply pick the one you'd like to read, and Rosie gets in touch with the author to send you a copy, which will be a mobi copy to go straight to your reading device (Kindle, iPad with Kindle app, etc).  

There is no minimum or maximum amount of books to review, and you can drop in and out as you wish.  

Other book bloggers welcome! If the review is posted to your own blog too, Rosie provides a link to it on hers, which is good for cross promotion of both.

You can see the original post asking for reviewers HERE and peruse the list of books currently on offer to review HERE ~ this changes all the time, of course, and involves many different genres.

If you're interested, please get in touch with Rosie via her blog or Twitter @rosieamber1, and give her the link to your Goodreads page if you write reviews on there.  

Many thanks!


  1. Next year….next year, but the number of books I'm reading (or not) at the moment is pathetic. I'd love to do it then, TT!

  2. I know Rosie would be delighted to have you any time, Vallypee! xx

  3. Replies
    1. V, that would be wonderful - and I know you wouldn't muck Rosie about! Please do get in touch with her - she'll be delighted! x