Saturday 3 October 2015

The Z Files ~ Wendy J Lennox ~ Sagittarius

Welcome to The Z Files, in which writers/bloggers show how the characteristics of their star sign influence their work; contributors were invited to treat the subject as seriously, cynically or lightly as they like!  Links to all previous posts can be found at the end of this one.

Ooh, look, a Sagittarius ~ catch her before she dashes over the horizon in search of another adventure!  Welcome Wendy J Lennox, YA fantasy author of The Crystal Keeper trilogy (Book One on Amazon HERE)~ a wonderfully typical Sag, I think.  Best line: 'even on the days I've put on my pants of despair by mistake' ~ love it!

How does being a lady archer affect your writing life, Wendy?

"I was born a mythical centaur. A match made in heaven you could say, considering I spend my days dreaming up fantastical worlds inside my head. Known as the philosopher of the zodiac, the centaur gazes skyward, his arrow aimed at the stars as he ponders the meaning of life. Yes, that’s me. My inherent curiosity and restless soul has always driven me to gallop with reckless abandon across life’s boundaries in my thirst to explore the world around me. But having never been at one with nature, (which has habit of chasing me whenever possible) nowadays most of my adventures begin and end on my sofa."

"I might not be able to wander as freely as I used to B.C. (Before Children), or am quite as impulsive as my younger self (that’s a good thing, trust me) but this hasn’t reined in my need to broaden my horizons. Whether it’s chatting into the wee small hours about the wonders of the universe, expanding my knowledge or immersing myself in a new creative project, if I didn’t channel my restless energy somewhere, I’d probably spontaneously combust. Fortunately for me, there’s enough challenges that come with being an independent author to keep me out of mischief for many years to come."

"Independent, ambitious and enthusiastic are three valuable Sagittarian traits I’m fortunate to have in abundance. Without them, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to fly solo and self publish my first YA fantasy novel, or had the determination to park my bum and carry on writing, even on the days I’ve put on my pants of despair by mistake. On the flip side, this drive to succeed can also bring out my impatient, stubborn and tactless side. But whenever I have a Wendy wobble, make yet another stupid mistake or forget to engage brain before speaking, it’s my archer optimism that makes me readjust my aim and take another shot."

Thank you, Wendy, a piece I think will make all fellow archers nod in recognition.  Ah, the Sagittarian who dares to take a punt; sometimes it's a more sensible one, unlike the glued-to-the-card-table Sag gambler with whom I used to live.  You can follow Wendy on Twitter, look at her website ~ and here's the cover for the second part of her trilogy, which will be out in January 2016 :)

Here are some fellow Sagittarian writer-adventurers for Wendy:

....the wonderful C S Lewis, theologian, speaker (for adventures are not always of the physical self!), and creator of the ultimate in children's/YA fantasy 
(back in the days when they were called 'children's books'!) ~ Narnia.

....and a man of many journeys, a Sagittarian speculator in new ventures: Mr Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain :)

Coming next time: My most sceptical post so far ~ a Gemini non-believer!

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  1. Hi Terry - love the archer details. Wendy looks delightful looking out at us and she seems to be combining motherhood, with her Sagittarian characteristics .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, I love this post, it's one of my favourites so far :)

  2. A Sag chap I know has 2 pictures on the walls of his spare bedroom. One's an intricate map of the world, and the other one is his collection of poker chips. Lovely blog post, and aren't Sagittarians fab!

  3. Ooh, I'd love to know what the BC Wendy got up to! I love that image of the Sagittarean gazing into the skies and dreaming. I hope your fantasy writing fulfils that adventurous need, Wendy. Lovely to have met you here!

  4. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. Julia, I tend to stay well away from casinos, likely to gamble the shirt off my back on a roulette table. Vallypee, that might take a while, all I will say is, plenty of mayhem and mischief ;)

  5. I am married to a Sagittarian and this is where my scepticism comes in because Wendy is very different. My Sag has only just accepted his first fantasy tale into his life in the form of Game of Thrones and even then I see him wince if it is mentioned that it is a fantasy. I also love the 'pants of despair' :-)

  6. Sounds as if your husband has a few Capricorn traits there, Georgia. At least you've got him to watch GOT, so that's a step in the right direction :)

  7. Hmm, reading about Wendy here, I think I might fancy being a Sagittarian if even pants of despair don't stop the determination to carry on. Great post!.

    1. Yes, I've always thought Sag must be a good sign to be!

  8. Another fabulous Z file and I love the phrase 'Wendy wobble'. It definitely goes with the pants of despair ha ha. Wonderful post! ;-)

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