Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What do we think of it so far? #TWD #TheWalkingDead #TWDSeason7

Right, so we've seen the first five episodes ~ what do you think?

The first one was a belter, wasn't it I could hardly wait to get tapping fingers to keys after I'd seen it; my post is HEREThen we got to the second, and King Ezekiel.  A lot of people criticised this episode.  I wasn't so sure, I have to admit, and I wonder if it was a mistake to run it so early in the series; a bit of an anticlimax after the drama of the week before, maybe?  I thought the Ezekiel character was too pantomime at first, though he did become more 'real' when he talked to Carol at the end, and I was heartened by his crew being less than compliant with the Saviours.  Great to know that there's another large community who will, we hope, join forces with our gang in the future to slay the demonAnd I'd forgotten until I watched it for a second time about the Kingdom cleverly feeding walkers to Negan's gang, via the wild pigs.  Might be just the thing....

Then we come to episode 3, and the fate of Daryl, which I think was the best one so far.  Back on form!  Clever of the writers to hint at the slightly more human side of Dwight again, with small hints that some time in the very distant future he and Daryl might become allies.... well, that's what I reckon, anyway.  Long as he doesn't bring his tape of On Easy StreetInteresting to see inside Negan's lair, and find out a bit more about the Saviours.  I'm hoping that some of them might start to think, "Yeah, why exactly are we all doing what this one pscyho says?"  Like the escapee who Dwight didn't want to shoot....

Meanwhile, back at Alexandria and the Hilltop..... Rick, I'm not the only one waiting for you to get your fighting spirit back.  We want to see you standing on a platform saying "We can do it.  I know you can all do it.  This is how we survive.  This is how we eat", and all that jazz.  It'll come, it'll come.... 

Loving Xander Berkeley, on form as the revolting Gregory.  Could he cause the downfall of them all As Maggie said, he's a coward, which is more dangerous than just being an idiot.  Like the idea of Maggie taking over Hilltop (which is, clearly, what is going to happen), but I hope she doesn't become only a hard-edged badass.  

I like how they're giving more scenes to Rosita, who I always thought was a top girl.  I feel a bit sorry for her with the Abraham thing, though.  Okay, so Sasha loved him too, and they were together when he was Lucilled, but this had only been going on for a couple of weeks, whereas Rosita was his love through thick and thin, for years.  But her loss seems overlooked.

Other predictions?  I think there will be more storylines for Spencer (who I think is a bit of a drip), and I'm hoping that the lovely Aaron will emerge as the new Glenn ~ the really nice guy with the heart of a lion and the soul of a ... really nice guy.   Offscreen, Jesus will become the new hearthrob (if he isn't already ~ woof woof!) ~ c'mon, producers, clean our Daryl up just a little bit, and get him back giving those sidelong looks, almost imperceptible nods riddled with emotion, and profound one liners:  "We ain't dead."  Alas, I fear he is to be in a dark place for some time yet....

I think the new season is yet to find its feet, and maybe part of this is that it's so scattered, with all the characters we know and love all over the place.  But it worked in Season 4 after the prison, so it can work this time, too, if they get it right.  I still love every minute, though!  Oh yeah, and when are Heath and Tara ever going to get back from this two week run they went on after the Saviours outpost massacre?  She's yet to find that Denise is dead, and Heath ditto about his pal Glenn....

Roll on next week...... and just because I want to include it, here's my favourite moment ever.  It's when Rick and Carl discover that Tyreese and Carol have saved Judith, after Terminus, at the beginning of Season 5.

ps, incidentally:  Ladies: I've never fancied Rick, but have you noticed that he's got the sexiest legs, like, ever?  Something about the shape and his stride, and those jeans moulded to him and the scuffed cowboy boots.  Tick vg :)


  1. My friend Andy on Facebook wrote:

    Yes, Rick from the waist down looks interesting 😬 but Jesus needs to keep his long hair, his ears upset me on Talking Dead.
    I'm a bit bored with it, in that I want some action but I expect it's building up to something massive like an all out war with all these new tribes against Negan. Well that's what I'm hoping for. I doubt we'll see it until after the Christmas break though. They usually break just as it's about to kick off.
    Maggie is gonna kick arse but she will have a baby to soften the edges.
    I thought it was Tara who just washed up on the beach. At last some seaside! What a refreshing change to see the sea. I've often wondered why they didn't head for the coast and fuck off on a boat to an island. You'd at least stand a chance of clearing the walkers and start afresh. That's what I'm going to do.

  2. It's all feeling a bit flat after he first episode but we can see that they're setting up Negan for a fall. I do think that whilst Rick has rolled over a bit since Glenn and Abraham's deaths he's going to have to step up to the mark when he finds out what Carl has done. Carol and Maggie are setting out their stalls in their respective camps ready to get everyone onside to fight Negan.

    Daryl is stronger than he seems despite what he's going through and will be biing his time before he strikes. He's getting the lay of the land and working out who he can get onside before he does anything. (My son in law has downloaded Easy Street as his ring tone - sick puppy - I digress)

    Michonne and Rosita are going to play bigger roles in fighting Negan...possible pushing Rick to get a grip and so his stuff again and I suspect that once Negan is out of the way, his minions will fall into line with their new found freedom

    1. Nice one, Andrea! It's good to see what you think... and yes... what is going to happen to Carl and Jesus? Might all get more interesting next week!

      I love to discuss such things with people who not only love the series as I do, but also analyse... :)

    2. And there's the new arsenal...and they have a reason for fighting Negan!

    3. YESSSS! I think these first 8 episodes are just a coming together of the clans....

  3. Oh lord...just read my post...apologies for so many typos!

    1. I know that it's horrible for a Virgo to see them, but I scarcely noticed!

  4. Laughing at Andy's message, I thought exactly the same when I saw Jesus on the Talking Dead lol :-)

    Yes, I agree with Andrea, it's a bit flat but then after such an explosive first episode I think we probably need that - we'd break the internet if it carried on at that pace!! Loving Jesus (def woof woof!) and pretty impressed that Carl has jumped into the fight - REALLY wish Rick would snap out of it. I want Michonne to go back to her bad ass ways too, she's been a bit quiet and not so slice n' dice. Maggie and Sasha make a great team and need to slap Gregory (again!) and I'm still traumatised that the nasty baddies made my Daryl cry.

    Looking forward to seeing which threads they explore AND what Carol will do when she finds out what's happened - PLEASE let her go all homicidal maniac on Negan's crew. :)

    1. What can I say, Shelley? I agree with you about everything! (btw, he's MY Daryl. You can borrow him now again again, if you're good).

      I do wish Carol would snap out of this 'I can't be with people because I have to kill for them and I don't want to kill' thing that she's been in since after the Wolves. I want to see that lady who killed Karen and the mysterious David, back at the prison, because they were a threat!

  5. Love this review. ��I had been dissatisfied at first but regained faith with a couple more episodes.