Monday, 14 September 2020

Last Days of Summer

I haven't been out walking for a couple of weeks now (oh alright, then, three), because I was deep in finishing a book, but I promised myself I would do so this week.  So glad I did today - it was gorgeous, and so warm I wished I'd put shorts on.  Still, though, I was aware that autumn is lurking round the corner, waiting to show its face...


The fruits of the season 🌞

Still got flowers 🥀🌻

Turning leaves... 🍃

...and my new earrings, because I don't go anywhere else to wear them, these days! 



  1. Love those earrings, Terry. The promise of autumn, with the berries and the leaves turning...I love it! Great photos :-)

  2. Thanks so much - and I got the earrings via a site I saw on Twitter! :)

  3. What lovely photos, TT! It's been absolutely gorgeous here as well and I would have worn shorts too if I ever wore them at all. Very pretty earrings. What are the little stones?

    1. I can't remember, Val, I bought them from an Etsy shop I saw on Twitter! Alas, that was the last 'shorts possibility' day - it's still nice here but with that nip in the air now!