Sunday 3 January 2021

Thank you, #TWD actors! #TheWalkingDead

In line with my Walking Dead obsession, from December 2019, I decided to do a 'happy birthday' tweet for every member of the TWD cast, past and present.  I couldn't find all the birthdays online, but I managed most.

If you would like to see all of them, click here: #TWDBirthdays

A few of those mentioned not only actually saw the tweet 😲, but were kind enough to thank me, or acknowledge in some way, which, of course, thrilled me to bits!  Here are their responses:

~ Andy: Jeremy Palko ~

~ Jared: Joshua Mikel ~

~ Oscar: Vincent M Ward ~

~ Jules: Alex Sgambati ~

~ Tobin: Jason Douglas ~

~ Morales: Juan G Pareja ~

~ Gage: Jackson Pace ~

~ Sam Anderson: Major Dodson ~

~ Gregory: Xander Berkeley ~

~ Dr Harlan Carson: R.Keith Harris ~

~ Alvaro: Carlos Navarro ~

~ Dr Caleb: Sunkrish Bala ~

~ Regina: Thunderbird Dinwiddie ~

~ Patricia: Jane McNeill ~

~ Tamiel: Sabrina Gennarino ~

~ Nabila: Nadine Marissa ~

~ DJ: Matt Mangum ~ 

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